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Three Exercises and Prompts to Figure Out What to Do in Your Career

If you are questioning what’s next in your career, the good news is that there’s no one right answer for everybody. To figure out what to do in your career, you need to experiment.

2022 Will Expand DEI on Corporate Boards. Are You Ready?

​As the Nasdaq's diversity rules take effect next year, corporate boards face the continuing challenge of changing how they find and appoint new board members to become more inclusive.

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An Introvert in Public

A brief story about how an introvert handled her first work presentation to journalists.

What You Need to Know Before You Partner with a Marketing Agency

For startups and growing companies, marketing agencies offer an effective alternative to bringing aboard full-time team members. Why does this relationship work so well? And when does it go wrong?

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How Self-Love Translates to Wealth for Female Entrepreneurs

Three successful entrepreneurs share advice they've learned from their own journeys of self-love and how this has translated into business success.

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The Delightful Part

Prioritizing mindfulness and taking care of yourself keeps you healthy, resilient, energized, inspired, and motivated. From this state, you can conquer and master everything else.

Three Steps to Take Care of Your Employees This Holiday Season

In the fast-paced world between work and life, the holiday season can feel overlooked.

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Influencial Leadership: Eight Things You Need to Master to Develop Your Resolve

Successful people apply effort to achieve despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. The mental toughness required will test you and will be an excellent asset for your entire life.

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The Masterful Part

How to capture and integrate better habits and activities for more efficiency, productivity, ownership, empowerment, focus, presence, harmony, and joy in your life.

How to Set Yourself Up for Business Success

It’s tempting to try and skip ahead to where you’re a successful entrepreneur with complete financial freedom. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

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Vanity Marketing Metrics: Pretty on Paper, Less so in Practice

Vanity marketing is rarely, if ever, acceptable. But what is it?

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How to Strategically Build Your Influence Within Your Company

Cultivating internal influence can help you propel yourself, your team, and your company forward. It can help you get buy-in for a project, gain a headcount, or super-charge any other initiatives.

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