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Being and Having an Ally in the Workplace

Featured on Medium

There are many facets to creating an inclusive workplace. One that is near and dear to us is the concept of allies.

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We Create Our Own Monsters

Featured on Medium

As leaders, we play a role in creating codependencies with our direct reports. Becoming self-aware of this tendency will make you a better manager and ultimately allow your people to grow.

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Dwell in the Midst of Infinite Abundance

​Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

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What Skills Do You Need to Rock Your Career?

Featured on Forbes

How are you managing your career? Are you in your dream job or are you still working towards it? Do you have the skills you need to succeed today and tomorrow?

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The Power of Perception

Featured on Medium

We shape our lives around perceptions and assumptions that aren’t confirmed by others. When you claim you your power to perceive and see a situation, you gain the ability to re-shape your life.

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What Does Your Tax Style Say About You?

Taxes can be stressful. Here are some tips from a clinical psychologist to help manage stress and make good choices around financial planning!

Podcast photo 3 The Ellevate Podcast

When To Make The Call And When To Take The Call, with Iva Pawling

On this episode, Iva shares her tips for new entrepreneurs and how Richer and Poorer grew as a successful brand.

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Lifetime Income Protection - an Equal Pay Day Conversation, with Caroline Feeney and Prudential

In this exclusive Livestream event, Ellevate’s CEO Kristy Wallace sits down with Caroline Feeney, the head of Individual Solutions for Prudential Financial, Inc., for an important conversation on EPD.

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Incorporating Purpose and Impact Into Organizations, with Melissa Jun Rowley

On this episode, Melissa shares her journey from almost having to file for bankruptcy to working with Peter Gabriel and her experiences with groundbreaking entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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Reinventing Your Career - It’s Never Too Late, with Lesley Jane Seymour

On this episode, Leslie talks about being an entrepreneur compared to the corporate world, how she reinvented herself after the publishing world, and importance of having a lifelong network.

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The Truth Behind Starting Your Own Business, with Cate Luzio

On this episode, Cate joins us to share the highs and lows of starting a business, how she came up with the idea for Luminary, and the emotional difficulties and loneliness of starting a business.

Podcast photo 1 The Ellevate Podcast

Taking the Lead, with Gloria Feldt

Gloria offers her tips on the place of innovation and creation of meaning through organizational leadership, as well as what she is currently doing to give women an equal shot in the world.

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