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A Letter to My Son After Charlottesville

We think a lot about the messages we send to our daughters and the role models we want to be for them. We also have to think of the messages that are being sent to our sons.

From Corporate Ladder to Downward Slope

​Women CEOs are in the spotlight lately. When the 2017 Fortune 500 list came out, it had a record number of female CEOs, at 32. Cue fireworks. Except that it’s been pretty much all downhill since.

What Women Can Do When “Meritocracies” Push Them Out

You work hard. But deserving women (and men) don’t always get a fair shot.

Leading By Example For Our Daughters

​This one’s for the daughters. And the lives we want for them. IMO, it’s not all about what we tell our daughters. It's about what we show them.

The Powerful Action Professional Women Can Take...That Can Change Their Lives

What’s one of the most powerful things a professional woman can do? Invest more.

The Two Moments That Gave My Life Meaning

​How long does it take to make a difference in someone’s life? My answer: about a minute.

How to Handle Sexism at Work

After Uber, Jared and Kay Jewelers, the "bro talk" on both Wall Street and the backlot of Access Hollywood, here's how I would handle uncomfortable situations regarding sexism at work.

Why the Final Wave of Feminism Will Have Everything to do with Money

Ladies, what is the final hurdle to our being equal with men? One word: money. If we’re not financially equal with men, we’re not equal with men. It...

The Best Career Advice Women Are Not Getting

​There is A LOT of career advice for women these days. A lot. Ask for the raise. Negotiate from the moment you get your job offer. Get a mentor; get a...

Why Women’s Careers Heat Up Just As Men’s Slow Down

Here’s what working mothers are told again and again: The early years of your kids’ lives are going to be tough. Suffering from sleep deprivation whil...

Here's Who Will Win the FinTech War

You have to have been hiding under a rock over the past handful of years to miss that this is no longer your father’s business world. More data is bei...

The Case for Investing Over Saving

​There is a lot of career advice for women these days. A lot. Ask for the raise. Negotiate from the moment you get your job offer. Get a mentor. Get a...