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End-of-Year: Vision, Strategy, and Intention

Are you excited to close what some are calling the “lost year?” Choose instead to look at it as a transition year into our best self and best life.

Counting Joy

Featured on Medium

You've heard of counting your blessings, but have you thought about counting your joy? Maybe it's time.

Six Steps for Handling Gender-Based Psychological Violence at the Workplace

Featured on Forbes

Women are often tempted to brush their experiences off as overreactions or misunderstandings of benign intent, but such behavior can be insidiously dangerous.

It’s Possible: Three Ways to Sustain Your Business While Pregnant in a Pandemic

Featured on Forbes

These three simple strategies can help you get the support you need to see success as you grow both your business and your family in a global crisis.

Stop Holding Back and Attract Clients that Love You

Featured on Forbes

If you’re deliberately crafting a brand, you’re holding back. You’re only showing people what you think they want to see. Your ideal clients will see right through the smoke and mirrors.

How to Finally Get Out of Your Own Way

Featured on Forbes

The next time you find yourself obstructing your own path, incorporate these five strategies into your routine.

Flypaper Onboarding: A Manager's Secret Weapon

Featured on Forbes

The first few days of any employee’s career should be your Super Bowl: a make-or-break time to cement their fit on your team and future with your organization.

Feeling Overworked with Limited Negotiating Power? You Need an Efficiency Advocate.

An organization’s success relies on its people’s productivity. One proposal is to have a CEO. No, not a Chief Executive Officer or a Chief Empathy Officer, but a Chief Efficiency Officer.

Reframing 2020

Featured on Medium

Take time to look back on what you learned in 2020 and use these new skills to your benefit as you close the door on the year.

End-of-Year: Closure, Clearance, and Celebration

Before we fill up our new wonderful space with anything, it behooves us to align with our desires and purpose.

Ten New Year's Resolutions For a Better, Stronger You in 2021

Do you have your New Year’s resolutions picked out already? Here are ten ideas to benefit you professionally and personally.

End-of-Year: Decluttering and Minimalism

Make the rest of the holiday season as magical as it can be, properly wrap up this year, and set up the new year for more success.