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20 The Ellevate Podcast

Finding Success Through Passion and Personal Strength, with Sara Holtz

Anyone who's moved from corporate law to entrepreneurship knows it is both a challenging and exciting venture – just ask Sara Holtz.

23 The Ellevate Podcast

Why We Need More Women In Politics, with Sarah Chamberlain

Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, never thought she’d get into politics.

22 The Ellevate Podcast

Why We Need Women in the Marijuana Industry, with Cassandra Farrington

Cassandra Farrington is passionate about providing information. As CEO and Co-Founder of Marijuana Business Daily, she works to provide information resources to cannabis industry entrepreneurs.

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How In-Store Retail Experiences Push Customers to Shop Online

Featured on Forbes

While talk of the "retail apocalypse" may be premature, retailers who fail to create a desirable in-store experience risk losing their customers forever to companies like Amazon.

Photo 1517235304229 ba54ca4d9fc5

Three Leadership Goals to Set for Each Stage of Your Career

Whether you’re working in an entry-level position or advancing to a junior executive role, being a leader is about continually developing and finessing both hard and soft skills.

18 The Ellevate Podcast

Debunking the Stereotypes of Ambitious Women, with Nancy Tseng

Nancy Tseng, West Coast Mergers and Acquisition Leader at West Monroe Partners, has been surrounded by ambitious people from a young age.

Photo 1505318985551 5793f4a707bd

Moving Beyond Betrayal

Featured on Medium

Struggling to heal from the betrayal of a family member, partner, or friend? Here's how to get started.

Photo 1521669246297 b04a27e36f07

The Secret to Work-Life Balance

Featured on Medium

It probably isn't what you think.

Photo 1483311250690 472f4decaf93

How Corporate Wellness Programs Can Boost Employee Satisfaction Through Community Engagement

Featured on Forbes

Employees nowadays seek to work for companies that give back to society. Bacardi’s SVP of HR shares how Bacardi uses CSR to engage employees in their employee wellness program.

Photo 1512679079471 44f18440f1f5

Replace Limiting Beliefs With Success Stories

Featured on Medium

Limiting beliefs hinder career success. Real-life success stories defeat your limiting beliefs by showing that the unexpected is doable. If others can do it, why not you?

Photo 1526455192392 2aec60ae8485

Year-End Appeal: How to Prepare Your Campaign

Featured on Medium

Are you ready for prime-time fundraising? Follow these tips for a successful year-end campaign.

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How to Find Your Voice – When You Feel Like You’ve Lost It

Featured on Medium

I bet there’s a conversation you are avoiding right this minute, one that makes your stomach feel queasy just thinking about it. Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating and go for it.