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Ellevate Essentials: How to Raise Money for a New Venture

The number of women-owned businesses is increasing; however research shows that these businesses have a harder time raising capital. So, how do you raise money for your new venture?

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Ellevate Essentials: How to Increase Employee Engagement

According to recent studies, 88% of employees don't have passion for their work. Having disengaged employees can cost your company real money. But how can you avoid this problem?

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Ellevate Essentials: The Secret to Building an Insanely Great Team

We all know this: having the right team (not just the right people) can make or break a business. But how do you make sure you have that team? Is it an art or a science?...

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Ellevate Essentials: What I Wish I Knew Then

As your career progresses you’re learning a lot of lessons, probably racking up a few regrets, and wishing you had not learned a few lessons the hard way. Here are the things I knew at 22 years old.

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Ellevate Essentials: Differentiate Yourself--Insider Secrets to Make You Stand Out to Your Boss

It’s not enough to be fearless, you have to get noticed…for the right reasons. To get ahead professionally, you have to make an impression—particularly on your boss.

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Ellevate Essentials: The Key to Being Fearless at Work

The professional arena can often feel daunting, and it’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone. But when we approach work with a fearless attitude, we are usually more successful....

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Ellevate Essentials: How to Reinvent Yourself

Do you think you’ll be doing the same thing you’re doing today ten years from now? Five years from now? We're going to talk to you about the topic of reinvention.

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Ellevate Essentials: Top Rookie Manager Mistakes (That Make You Look Like a Jerk)

As a rising leader in your field, you are starting to prove yourself as a leader. We want to talk to you about what NOT to do when you move into management.

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Ellevate Essentials: Secrets to Successful Presentations (And the Mistakes Women Make)

What you say is important, but how you say it can be even more important. We’re going to share with you some of the secrets to more successful presentations....

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Ellevate Essentials: Sure-fire Strategies to Avoid Career Mediocrity

Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate professional women from various industries and walks of life. Here is what to do if you want to avoid career mediocrity.

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Ellevate Essentials: How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors

Having trustworthy advisors is crucial when you approach a major decision in your career. Make sure that your choices of advisors will serve and guide your career.

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Ellevate Essentials: How to Find a Mentor... Or Better Yet, a Sponsor

Having a mentor is a great idea. But if you really want your career to progress, you need someone who will step up and advocate for you. You need a sponsor.

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