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Why Fashion Can Be a Passion and a Pivot for Women Over 40

The spirit of entrepreneurship can strike at any age and at any point in career. More and more women over the age of 40 are embracing a career pivot and turning to fashion as a second or third career.

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Making Mindful Career Moves

If we are going to make career moves an average of ten times in our lives, it helps to be strategic about what to look out for and what questions to ask.

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How Travel Professionals Can Find Success in the Post-Pandemic Boom

Travel professionals share pivots they have made to stay afloat and hear the needs of consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What Yoga Taught Me About the Importance of Working With an Advisor

Just as a yoga instructor guides his or her class, financial advisors guide their clients and provide a variety of benefits.

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Gratitude at Work Spurs Empathy and Compassion

In this season of Thanksgiving, focus on gratitude and how it impacts others – and yourself at work.

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Three Common Personal Brand Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Three of the most critical mistakes come from not understanding what a professional brand consists of, your personal brand, and how to create brand impact. Luckily you can remedy these missteps.

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Executive Presence Isn’t Just for Executives

With a multi-generational workforce navigating the ongoing pandemic journey, executive presence is still important, but the rules of engagement have changed for the better.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Lean Into Fear to Grow Their Business

Entrepreneurs will inevitably face paralyzing fears at every point of creating, managing, and pivoting in their business. Check out these pieces of advice from successful female entrepreneurs.

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Reframe Obstacles to Find Career Clarity

Reframing is looking on the bright side. It’s focusing on the doughnut and not the hole…it’s making the best of things in these uncertain times.

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How to Create a Startup Ecosystem that Thrives

Startup ecosystems can be challenging to develop, but many cities have successfully built their own startup communities.

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Expanding Generosity

Generosity starts with having an open and kind heart with ourselves and those around us.

Intention: It Will Make You Think AND Act!

“Intentional,” my word of the year going forward, has been my unspoken co-pilot through the turbulent trajectory of life and career.