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Starting a Revolution -- Mobilize Women 2019 Panel Recap

Featured on Medium

Looks at a pivotal panel discussion with activists, and how it impacted me as a professional, a black woman and advocate for our community. “Go for what you deserve, not just for what you can win”.

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Ignore the Myths to Be a Better Change Manager

Featured on Forbes

Four regularly accepted myths about change and what you need to know to lead a successful change effort.

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Making the Leap From Corporate Leader to Successful Entrepreneur

Featured on Forbes

Many women are closing the wage gap and getting the freedom, flexibility, and balance they crave by making the leap from leader to entrepreneur. Here are three strategies to go from employee to CEO.

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How to Seize the Driver Seat of Your Career

Featured on Forbes

In these trying times, it is necessary for women to seize the driver seat of their careers.

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9 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2019

Featured on Forbes

LinkedIn is an important part of a personal branding strategy. Find out everything to need to know about the platform to make it work for you in 2019.

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We Have to Break the Wheel

The more I think about it, the more panels I’m on about driving diversity, the more I believe that — in order to make real progress — we have to “break the wheel.”

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Inspiration and Lessons from Mobilize Women 2019

We haven't had the chance to take all of the lessons from Mobilize Women in yet, but here are a few nuggets of inspiration for you to start your week.

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You Are Your Best Advocate

Working hard and being good at your job is not enough. Know your worth and don't be afraid to show it.

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Preparing for a Successful Job Interview

Featured on Medium

It’s not enough to prove you have the right skills for the job - you need to demonstrate your fit with the company’s values.

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The 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt from Michelle Obama’s Becoming as A Mother 4.0

Saying that Becoming is a must read for any working mother who wants to have her all, particularly the self discovery and life purpose part of it, would be an understatement.

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book

Featured on Medium

Writing a book on your subject of expertise is the best way to position yourself as a thought leader - if you do it right. Ask yourself these five questions to work out your publishing game plan.

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Investing With the Bard

Shakespeare knew a lot about people and their behavior. Personal finance is all about human behavior. Use his knowledge to help you invest.

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