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What The Handmaid’s Tale and a Graduation Speech Have in Common

There have been two things that have moved me over the past couple of months...

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The New Girl Scout Badges for STEM: Forming the Leaders of the Future

Introducing Girl Scouts’ 1.8 million girls to new opportunities and experiences in STEM fields is poised to change the future for all of us.

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The Gender Gap Isn’t About Sex. It’s About Power.

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There is an imbalance in the amount of power that men and women possess, which may explain why men command the highest-paying jobs and hold majority of board seats and corner offices.

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Confessions of a Purpose-Driven Company: What I Learned When I Tried to Save the World

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Making a social impact requires balancing the day-to-day with the long-term.

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How to Keep Up with the Constantly-Changing Tech Industry

For someone new to the industry, keeping up can feel puzzling — or nearly impossible. How do you stay on top of changes that happen all the time?

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The Future of Health Technology, with Candice Hughes

Candice Hughes, CEO and Founder of Hughes BioPharma Advisors, has had an entrepreneurial spirit engrained in her from a young age.

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Paying it Forward in Tech, with Bear Douglas

Not many people can say they've been coding their whole lives; however, Bear Douglas is the exception.

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The Value of Women Supporting Women, with Lynn Tesoro

Your professional success can almost always be attributed to those people who support and lift you in the process.

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Embracing Diverse Cultural Experiences, with Naomi Hattaway

Naomi Hattaway, founder of I Am a Triangle, is no stranger to change. Having moved all over the world (14 times to be exact), she knows what it feels like to assimilate to different cultures.

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The Importance of Ethics in Corporate America, with Kara Swisher

When it comes to knowing what she wants and going for it, Kara Swisher is a pro. As Co-Executive Editor and Co-Founder of Recode, she's familiar with the sexism in Silicon Valley and corporate America

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A Seat at the Table, with Minda Harts

Minda Harts, CEO and founder of The Memo, has created a space to help women of color not only gain a seat at the table, but to know what to do at the table.

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Social Disruption, with Alexandre Mars

Alexandre Mars, CEO and founder of Epic Foundation, has been a disruptor in tech for many years.