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5 Big Lies That Block Your Progress... And How to Conquer Them

Featured on Medium

There are several limiting beliefs (or big lies) that we tend to tell ourselves that keep us stuck. Some simple reframing exercises can make all the difference between stuck and super-star.

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Should I Trust My Gut On This Job?

Featured on Medium

When is it a good idea to ‘trust your gut’ and when should you rely on other external evidence and information to fuel your career decisions?

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Be Yourself…But Not All the Time

Featured on Medium

How do you show up as your real self at work?

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Americans Keep More Money in PayPal than Cash in Wallets

Logica Research highlights findings from their Spring Wave of the Logica Research Future of Money Study. Consumers report keeping more money in their PayPal accounts than Cash in their Wallets.

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Are These Habits Getting in Your Way?

Three common habits that get in the way of women moving to their next level.

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Manage Like a Pro (Yo-Pro)

On October 2, the NYC YoPros came together at the beautiful new Ellevate HQ for an Article Salon on Ellevate member Jessica Desjardins's piece, 4 Ways to Master your First-Time Manager Role #LikeABoss

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What If You Let Your Intuition Guide You?

Your intuition is your best guide for doing what feels right for you.

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How To Benefit Others And Pay It Forward Through Mentorship

Featured on Forbes

Mentorship is one of our greatest tools for investing in future leaders. We must consider how we are building confidence and success into the young leaders.

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The 4 Ways Having A Multi-Faceted Career Can Help You Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Featured on Forbes

The four reasons why having a multi-faceted career can help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

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Breaking Negative Thoughts and Negative Thinking Patterns

Featured on Medium

Negative thoughts can bring us to our knees, enhancing our stress, our frustration and our productivity. Learn how to identify negative thinking patterns and break them!

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Sometimes You Need To Lead By Leaving

Featured on Medium

One of the most frequent topics that comes up in coaching falls under the theme of figuring out when to fish or cut bait. Many people feel torn about trying to make a work situation better.

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Have a Destination in Mind? Put Your Foot on the Path and Start Walking

Featured on Medium

When we hesitate to do what we really want to do, it's from fear of the unknown. The only way to get past the unknown is to get started. We can find the courage to act through our past successes.

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