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Networking in the Digital Age

Building authentic relationships in the digital age can be challenging, unless, like Ellevate Squads, you combine community and technology to overcome the obstacle of intimacy in our digital world

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How to Take Back Control of Your Life for a Happy Career and Balanced Lifestyle

Featured on Forbes

If you want control of your life, then you need to let go of all the things you've been trying to control and instead take control of your mentality.

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What if You Don’t Want to be a Leader?

Featured on Forbes

Leadership has long subscribed to the belief that the best way to reward and keep the keepers is to give them other people to keep watch over. But what if that's not the path for you?

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Mentorship Is A Circle, Not A Straight Line

Featured on Forbes

In this article, author Kirsten Turner challenges the standard model of mentorship, arguing a 360-degree approach among peers nets better results, particularly for women.

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3 Myths Busted to Help Millennials to Save for Retirement

Featured on Forbes

About half of Millennials are not saving enough for retirement due to common misconceptions about retirement accounts in the workplace.

Changing the culture Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Changing the Culture of Business from the Inside Out

We discuss the truth behind how cultural changes need to happen at all levels, and how we can create an environment where managers are supported in their quest to foster a more inclusive workplace.

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Five Things I Learned From Applying for 200+ Jobs

Featured on Medium

A new spin on old adages and considerations you may not have considered yet.

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Are You Sensitive? Here’s Why It’s a Superpower and How to Work It

Featured on Medium

Sensitivity can be perceived as a weakness or undesirable attribute, especially for working women. However, it's actually a strong, unique, competitive advantage.

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Five Reasons Strategic Leaders Need to Ask Good Questions

Featured on Medium

Being a good leader is less about having all the answers and more about asking the right questions.

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101 Things to Do This Summer Just For the Joy of It

Featured on Medium

It’s important to make time for play in order to recharge your batteries and reengage your creative side.

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Strength in Numbers: Find Your Squad!

Featured on Medium

The right kind of group supports you like nothing else can, and in a way that working in isolation can never provide. The right kind of group makes you stronger than you are on your own.

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Overcoming the Mental Hurdles to Home Buying

Featured on Medium

Think you're ready to buy a home, but don't know where to start? Here are some suggestions to get you started without getting overwhelmed.

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