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Shifting the Paradigm to Embrace Gender Differences

Featured on Medium

Women need to cherish their differences rather than trying to compete with men.

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Startup Success Strategies - Part 1: Product Market Fit

Featured on Forbes

According to the 2017 State of Women Owned Businesses Report, each day 849 businesses are launched by women in the U.S. Yet, 75% of them are destined to fail because they lack Product Market Fit.

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Healthy Work Life: Take Care of Yours

Featured on Medium

We spend the majority of our lives at work. While we’re there, we’re focused, productive and taking care of business, but it can be at the expense of our own self-care.

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5 Things Highly Productive People Do

Featured on Medium

How we utilize our time determines what we are able to accomplish.​ Our lives are filled with too many distractions to depend on good intentions. Here are five things highly productive people do.

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8 Easy Steps to Revamp A Room When You’re Not a Designer

Featured on Medium

Simple steps to follow to help a beginner re-decorate any room.

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The Key to Strong Branding is Keeping it Real

Featured on Medium

In the digital age, many organizations within the same market are competing for client and consumer attention. The key to setting yourself apart? Being authentic in your approach.

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To Stand Out: Create The Rules, Don't Follow Them

How you can see possibility and opportunity where you may not have recognized it before.

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You’ve just become a manager! Now what?

Featured on Medium

Just became a new manager? We've got a list of the first five things you should do to set yourself up for success in your new role.

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3 Myths About Confidence That Stop Women From Being Heard

Featured on Medium

There are a lot of limiting beliefs about how or why some women seem to have natural confidence and others struggle. See if you buy into any of these and how you can bust them.

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When Perfectionism Stops You From Thriving

Featured on Medium

Do you set impractical standards for the way you handle situations at home, in social settings, or at work? If perfectionism is something you grapple with, what might you do to be kinder to yourself?

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Seven Reasons Your Small Business Is Not Making Enough Money

Featured on Medium

What if you have sales but are still not making enough money? There are many levers to pull to improve business profitability. Here are seven ideas.

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Getting to "It's On My Terms Now"

Featured on Medium

I keep this sticky note on a board over my desk. It has traveled with me in 3 moves across 2 states and is a constant reminder that I have the power to make choices about how I manage my career.