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Mastering Your Emotions

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Don't let your emotions run your life. Learn to decode your emotions and focus on the real problems to solve.

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Tired of Talking About Diversity?

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Changing the world isn’t easy; even when it’s the right thing to do, we are often loath to do it. Is worrying about doing the right thing right holding us back?

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Managing Unrealistic Goals at Work

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Are you tearing your hair out over pie-in-the-sky objectives? Here are some tips on how to manage unrealistic goals at work.

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You Must Negotiate

Nearly 70% of women accept the salary they're offered and don't negotiate.

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Don't Assume I'm a Guy: Gender-Neutral Marketing

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When you approach me and offer your service while assuming I’m a man, you won't get my business.

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Being Real About Your Career Story Will Help You Succeed

Sharing your career ups and downs helps you tell an authentic career story -- and make the right connections.

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Hire Women. Promote Women. And Talk About It

Over the weekend, I read an of the venture capital industry’s progress on bringing more women into the business and promoting them to leadership positions.

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Support System = Success

​The stats on the advancement of women in business can get pretty depressing: the number of female CEOs is declining, the gender pay gaps are barely moving.

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Working With People You Don't Like

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We all have to work with people we don't like. Here are some tips for dealing with people you don't like at work.

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Are You Proud of How You're Showing Up At Work?

Most people focus on DOING their job - successfully completing tasks and projects and cultivating and leveraging their expertise. Fewer people focus on how they are BEING at work.

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Forget About Work-Life Balance: Do This Instead

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New Year, new resolutions. Or are they? If work-life balance eluded you last year, here is a new way to approach it that is more likely to succeed.

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4 Time Management Practices You Need To Succeed In Life

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You live in the information age, which means you could spend the next month just reading all the blogs ever written about the new year and still not get through them all.

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