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Sallie Krawcheck

For as long as many of us can remember, the concept of women advancing in business has felt like an individual sport.

Taylor swift girl squad
Joanne Vitali, PCC, MBA

Taylor Swift has assembled quite an entourage of helpful girlfriends. There's a lesson in this for all of us. We all need one of these! It turns out that success is a team sport. Who knew?

Jennefer  the boreland group.2012
Jennefer Witter
Featured on Huffington Post

Steps to take to ensure a successful working relationship between you and your PR agency.

Adecco daniel romero abreu 814x320 Event Recaps
Rita Gasalla Regojo

Daniel Romero-Abreu, el "guru de los gurus" según Vanity Fair nos explicó cómo crear tu marca personal.

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Tanya Boggs
Featured on Huffington Post

​Investing in high-quality, authentic photography is required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand.

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley
Featured on Huffington Post

I was reminded that there’s a difference between a community and a network. Often we use the word community when we are actually referring to a network.

Jens lindner 123168
Cindy Wahler
Featured on Huffington Post

How we show up as leaders from our external packaging, demeanor, body language effects our ability to lead

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Dara Goldberg
Featured on Huffington Post

You are missing a great opportunity to strengthen your professional brand, garner greater respect and acknowledgement and potentially open doors through an unlimited network of lay people.

Arnel hasanovic 375269
Samia Hasan
Featured on Huffington Post

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, crafting your personal brand and keeping it alive will take your career or business to new heights.

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Chinwe Esimai
Featured on Forbes

How to take responsibility for who you want to be and then seek out individuals and resources that support you.

Tired businesswoman in office bfxxrnz0hj
Adrienne Monson

Seeing a layoff coming can be scary and confusing - so here's a quick guide for women who think their jobs are in danger.

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Adri Miller-Heckman
Featured on Huffington Post

​You have developed a new message and brand focused on women, so now what? “Build it they will come” is not enough. You need 2 marketing strategies because each enhances the results of the other.