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The Two Most Important Skills For Long-Term Success

As the nature of work changes due to technology advancements and the rising use of contract and gig workers, two skills will be increasingly important: empathy and critical thinking.

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How Your Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Main Career

Featured on Forbes

A side hustle doesn’t have to be just for personal fulfillment. In fact, it can help you to develop the skills you need to advance in the workplace, which is great for your employer in the long-run.

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Squash the Impostor in You

Imposter syndrome is something I've seen plague even the most confident women at one time or another. It isn't rational, and sometimes we don't even realize we have it.

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How Do Promotions Really Happen in Companies?

Featured on Medium

How exactly do promotions happen in companies? First, we need to figure out the written and unwritten rules about how promotions and job assignments are distributed and decide where we go from there.

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Do You Really Know What Makes a Good CEO?

Featured on Medium

What traits are important in a great CEO? Do women CEOs operate differently than men CEOs? Does a CEO need to be an extrovert?

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Are These Habits Getting in Your Way?

Three common habits that get in the way of women moving to their next level.

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Honestly... Do You Deserve a Promotion?

Managers decide who gets promoted, but I'd argue that they're not the ones who decide who deserves it. A simple mindset shift can mean the difference between getting the corner office or not.

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Taking the Emotion Out of Asking to Be Paid Your Worth

Featured on Medium

There are so many emotions tied up with money that it's no wonder it can be hard to ask to be compensated at the right level, or know what the right level is.

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Four Ways to Ditch Modesty and Speak Confidently About Your Achievements

Featured on Forbes

Women often downplay their successes, which limits the ability to reach our full potential. These four research-backed methods can help you speak about your successes with confidence.

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Don't Let Perfection Paralyze Your Career

Featured on Medium

People make mistakes (and survive them) all the time. Many times, we beat ourselves up for these mistakes unnecessarily. As women, we tend to be especially hard on ourselves.

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Seven Ways to Use the Summer to Advance Your Career

Featured on Medium

With longer days and (often) slower work pace, summer is an opportune time to turn your focus on career goals outside your day-to-day. Here are seven ideas for tapping into the summer for your career.

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