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Why Prioritizing Gender Balance is Good Business - A UAE Perspective

Featured on Forbes

The conversation regarding gender equality and gender balance is increasing in the UAE. This article highlights business benefits and offers a way forward.

21 The Ellevate Podcast

Timeless Female Leadership, with Sally Helgesen

On this episode, Sally talks about the evolution of female leadership and how business and society came to embrace women leaders.

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It's Time to Call Out Bad Behaviors

When we accept bad behavior, we’re making a big impact on the culture of the team and the organization.

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How To Motivate Your Employees

If you want to inspire and galvanize your team, then the trick to understanding what motivates them is first understanding what demotivates them.

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Be the Alpha

Featured on Medium

Horses are herd animals that have an innate need to establish a pecking order within their pack. Very much like team behavior for us.

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Make Your Team a Place People Want to Work

Featured on Medium

Make your team a place people want to work by being a compassionate manager. Lead your team with a simple philosophy based on communication, collaboration, and career coaching.

15 The Ellevate Podcast

Getting Women to the C-Suite, with Archana Ravichandran

In this episode, we talk with Archana about what it takes to be an effective manager, how to support women in leadership, and the value of taking career risks.

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Building Resilience and Balance for a Sustainable Career

“It’s very easy to rely on others as your source of confidence. If you find your source of self-confidence, then you’re more resilient.” - Lisa Shalett, former Partner at Goldman Sachs

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How We Can Overcome The Leadership Double Bind

Featured on Forbes

We all know we as women face a double bind when it comes to leadership. What can we DO about it?

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4 Questions That Can Help You Build Your Leadership Presence

Featured on Forbes

Leadership presence is a fuzzy concept with no clearly defined pathways to build it. Here are four questions you can ask yourself that will help you connect to the leader in you.

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Why Equity Matters

Featured on Medium

Equity is fair treatment; equality is equal treatment. If you start at a disadvantage and are then treated equally to a person with advantage, you perpetuate the gap.

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The Leadership Lesson I Learned in the Fight for My Son's Life

Featured on Medium

Coaching women to gain influence in male-dominated industries is a known challenge for me & the brilliant women I see, unknowingly shut down their most powerful creative powers: intuition & instinct.

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