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Jennefer Witter
Featured on Medium

Getting press is a major goal for many corporations. This article will share several tips that will assist entrepreneurs in achieving that objective.

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Lindsay Williams
Featured on Medium

Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand that you are cultivating everyday through your online presence. Your story and who you are IS your personal brand. Here's how to utilize it.

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Adri Miller-Heckman
Featured on Medium

While as a woman it feels good to connect with these programs, the truth is that they are not making a big difference for female advisors. We must change the way women DO business.

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Leslie E. Billet

Small and emerging firms need to establish institutional best practices in order to attract clients and assets and to grow and scale their businesses.

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Laura Little
Featured on Medium

Working in the social media landscape can seem like an ever-moving target. Stressing out about followers is bad for goal-setting, so here are some easy social media tips to take the edge off.

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Hannah Sullivan
Featured on Forbes

​Women! Only two letters away from being just like men. Except it’s not that simple. We don’t want to be just like men! Sure, we’re “women in business”, but aren’t we all just business people?

Ellevate network advice from business advisors
Julie Meyer
Featured on Forbes

We combined notes on our collective 30 years of experience and highlighted four qualities, outlined below, that are key to earning our clients’ trust.

Ellevate network changes to linkedin's content sharing
Crystal Thies

If you're still marketing on LinkedIn the way you always have been, you will not be successful in 2018.

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Ellevate Network

Kristy chats with Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself, podcast host and co-founder of 40 Women to Watch Over 40.

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Ellevate Network

Jess Williams is the Founder of Communal Creative, but many will know her from her work at Birchbox and Thrillist where she lead the creative design and brand.

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Ellevate Network

Jennefer Witter has a long and proven track record in PR. She’s an author and the founder and CEO of The Boreland Group, a public relations firm dedicated to working with small businesses.

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Ellevate Network

There is a lot of talk about how using words, such as “sorry” “just” “I think” can hurt our communication. Tami Reiss wants to change that.