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Furloughedworkers Inside Ellevate Blog

Resources for Federal Employees During the Shutdown

Resources available for federal workers during the government shutdown.

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Dear Sir - Don’t Let #MeToo Make You Afraid of Me

Featured on Forbes

We understand why you’re uncomfortable in this new world of office politics. But please continue braving those nerves to talk with us, meet with us, and mentor us - just as you would male colleagues.

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Why Prioritizing Gender Balance is Good Business - A UAE Perspective

Featured on Forbes

The conversation regarding gender equality and gender balance is increasing in the UAE. This article highlights business benefits and offers a way forward.

14 The Ellevate Podcast

Finding Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Ericka Spradley

Ericka Spradley, Career Coach/Chief PowHer Officer of Confidence Career Women joins us this week to share her insights about closing the confidence gap.

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Valuing Values Drives Results

Featured on Medium

Companies using their power and presence for a higher good is becoming more popular with employees and shareholders alike.

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The Importance of Receiving

Featured on Medium

In this season of giving, honor those who want to reciprocate and receive with grace and gratitude.

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Financial Advisors: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Featured on Medium

The role of the financial advisor is no longer about riding in with guns blazing. Women advisors’ ability to build and nurture relationships is having a far greater impact on business growth.

15 The Ellevate Podcast

Acting with a Mission, with Tara Abrahams

This week, Tara joined us to talk about the difference between non-profit and for-profit companies, the important role volunteering plays in making an impact, as well as The Girl Project’s work.

12 The Ellevate Podcast

By Girls, For Girls, with Meridith Maskara

This week, we talked about inclusivity and diversity within Girl Scouts, their active involvement in legislative decisions and the new programs Girl Scouts is offering including fields of STEM.

19 The Ellevate Podcast

Changing Blockchain, with Amber Baldet

On this episode, Amber talks about the importance of shared responsibility in families, as well as what could be done to involve more girls and women in the field of tech.

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Removing Stigmas, with Chelsea VonChaz

In this episode, Chelsea talks about the stigma surrounding menstruation, lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products among certain populations, and The Pink Tax.


Let’s Celebrate These 7 Wins for Women in 2018

It’s becoming an Ellevest tradition to take stock of the wins for women over the past year. And 2018 was quite a year for women.

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