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The Introvert's Guide to Public Speaking

Featured on Forbes

Five tips for introverts to build their public speaking skills (even when they'd rather hide under the table).

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​A Professor, a Wall Street Analyst, and a White House Staffer

Featured on Medium

You never know what may come out of those innocuous conversations, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised.

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7 Ways to Offer Flex Work At Your Company

Featured on Forbes

In order to retain talent and attract new talent, companies need to foster an inclusive culture and encourage a work environment where you can have both a career and life that you love.

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Five Combination Traits of an Effective Leader

Featured on Forbes

No matter what kind of a leader you currently are, these five combination traits can help you chart your course to becoming the best.

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How to Deal With Racism or Unconscious Bias From Coworkers

Featured on Forbes

Regardless of whether diversity and inclusion programs are effective, you can be your own advocate and empower yourself in handling uncomfortable and demeaning encounters.

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The Hidden Gift of Impostor Syndrome

Featured on Forbes

We spend so much time focusing on the negative effects of impostor syndrome that we miss the hidden gift.

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Innovating the Future: International Day of the Girl Child

In honor of International Day of the Girl Child (Oct 11) & Ada Lovelace Day (Oct 8,) I’m dedicating this #TBT post to the inspiring panelists who discussed Innovating the Future at this year's summit

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How I Learned to Love Networking as an Introvert

Featured on Forbes

Networking for introverts can be challenging. We have to find workarounds. It comes down to this: Introverts network differently, and it's best when it’s almost entirely one-on-one.

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Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Featured on Forbes

As professional women, we need to take responsibility for our daily choices. There are small steps we can take each day to pave the path towards a more sustainable future.

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Time To Call Out The Microagressions That Are Holding Us Back

Featured on Forbes

At different points in my career I have been faced with microagressions or just plain old bias, and here's what I've learned about dealing with these instances.

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How We Challenged Ourselves To Improve Our Efforts In Making An Impact

Featured on Medium

We challenged ourselves in different ways and get the whole team on board with our work on energy efficiency, diversity and inclusion training, and management of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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Seven Life-Changing Money Lessons

Featured on Medium

We cannot fully express the women we are intended to be while hostage to a limiting money story. The resources essential to grow your business can’t get in.

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