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Five Things Not to Say in Your Next Board Meeting

Featured on Forbes

Having clear guidelines on what to avoid saying in a space not always designed for women gives us the freedom to communicate all of our genius.

What People Worldwide are Doing to Be Productive and Content During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Good often comes from bad situations. I've talked to women and men across the world and documented their encouraging stories to spread inspiration everywhere.

Practical Wisdom for High-Power Situations

Life isn't happening to you. Life is responding to you. So change must begin inside.

Optimistic Options in Light of COVID-19

Featured on Medium

The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is palpable. Here are a few optimistic ideas about how to reframe the seemingly dire into the positive.

Event Recaps, Inside Ellevate Blog

Building Community and Collaboration with a Displaced Workforce

The world of work is changing, and companies need to be able to keep up with this evolving workforce to succeed - including supporting a newly displaced workforce working remotely during a pandemic.

Want a Rapt, Non-Cell-Phone-Surfing Audience for Your Next Presentation? Here's How.

Have the audience eating out of your hand at your next presentation.

Healthy Eating During a Crisis

Featured on Medium

During this time of crisis, it is more important than ever to be healthy. But how do we do that without adding more stress to our lives?

Tomorrow's Leaders

Set up managers, directors, and newly-promoted VPs for success.

Tips on Business Communication During Times of Crisis

Featured on Medium

How to manage the communication process in a reasoned, stabilizing manner during a time of crisis.

Ageism and the Working Woman

Ageism is a problem that affects many, if not most, women at work. Does aging mean we have to give up on career fulfillment and success?

Driving Mentorship Through Culture and Values

While the mentor-mentee relationship is critical on an individual level, mentorship also has important impacts on an organization and its culture.

Cutting-Edge Health Strategies: Learn from Your Mother’s Mistakes

Featured on Medium

Losing weight is no longer about working out like crazy and counting every calorie. These days a strategic, dynamic, personalized approach is what works and it is also infinitely more pleasurable.

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