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Stripping Away Bias, One Avatar at a Time

Featured on Forbes

The pandemic's effect of a virtual workplace can lead us to compensation equality, free of conscious and unconscious bias.

The Great Pause, or How to Tailor Your Dream DVF Style

Featured on Forbes

Five tips on how to continue pursuing one’s life dream in this time of uncertainty.

Four Ps for Powerful Communication

Featured on Medium

Use these four principles to connect with people effectively, in any environment, through any method you choose.

Caregiving Will Transform Your Business: Are You Ready?

Featured on Forbes

With 10,000 people turning 65 every day in this country, the American workplace is about to be transformed. Smart companies must plan now to support and retain working caregivers.

Three Ways to Use a Crisis as an Opportunity to Stand Out

Featured on Medium

Use the current global crisis to plan ahead and propel your career forward.

Seven Tips for Curating Your Virtual Presence

Featured on Medium

Now more than ever, it’s critical to bolster your virtual presence. These tips can help you curate your personal brand in a way that fits your goals.

Radical Candor: Part 1 – Getting Real

Featured on Medium

It’s performance review season for many, and that can mean difficult conversations.

Don't Think Race is an Issue at Your Company? Think Again.

Featured on Medium

Our communities are crying out to be seen and heard and recognized for who we are, in our full multi-dimensional identities, with everything both unique and shared about us acknowledged and valued.

Betrayed at Work? Here's How to Move Forward in Your Career.

Five critical recovery steps to overcoming professional betrayal of any size or magnitude.

How to Engage Your Remote Teams

Featured on Forbes

Keeping your remote teams engaged, motivated, and included are essential when confronted with change. Here are three things you can do to keep your remote teams engaged.

Change Careers in 30 Days and 3 Easy Steps

Featured on Forbes

Changing careers doesn’t mean costly or time-consuming degrees or training. You can make a career change at any age using online training and demonstrating your leverage-able skills.

Dear Beloved Black People Working to Make it Through in an Environment That May Not Understand You

After the clamor following the George Floyd tragedy ends, we will need to be healthy, well and hopefully, strong. Take care of yourself – first – today.

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