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Unintended Consequences of Unconscious Bias

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While there is no quick training that anyone can do to “fix” their unconscious bias, opening your eyes to the biases you have that you are not aware of is incredibly valuable.

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"We Would Never Penalize a Woman Like That"

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I have had several conversations recently with male leaders that have been a bit maddening. Maddening because they get right to core of how hard it is to shift the gender equity paradigm.

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The Added Challenge for Small Companies and Departments

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Whether your company or department has 15 people or 150, if you did not start your business with a gender-balanced team, achieving gender parity can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It's not.

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It's the Tenure

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The majority of the workforces at top-rated companies for women have been with those companies for less than two years.

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The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room

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My dad once told me, “When there is an executive woman in the room, everyone pays attention." Take advantage of this.

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Quota or No Quota?

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Can quotas make a real difference? Or do they create resentment toward women who are appointed and end up hamstringing their ability to be effective?

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Personal Reasons for Driving Gender Equity

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At On PAR, many of speakers shared very personal reasons for why they champion gender equity at work.

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How Women Can Create Networks for Success

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Whether it's securing funding, getting a promotion, or landing a new side gig, it is critical that we establish solid support systems for ourselves in order to succeed.

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Conversation with Fairygodboss CEO Georgene Huang

I had the pleasure of speaking with Georgene Huang, CEO and co-founder of Fairygodboss. In our conversation, she shared some of the key insights she has gained.

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Valuing Values Drives Results

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Companies using their power and presence for a higher good is becoming more popular with employees and shareholders alike.

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Be the Alpha

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Horses are herd animals that have an innate need to establish a pecking order within their pack. Very much like team behavior for us.

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Poor Progress for Women in the Workplace

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McKinsey and’s Women in the Workplace 2018 Study was just released, showing that women’s progress in holding a more equitable proportion of company roles remains very slow.

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