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Network with Professional Women in Toronto

You deserve people who you can trust, who understand what you’re going through, and who genuinely want to help you succeed. Finding them doesn’t need to be an uphill battle — come meet them at the next Ellevate Toronto chapter event.

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By becoming an Ellevate Chapter Leader, you'll build on your previous leadership experience, grow your brand, support the working women in your area, and make valuable connections that last.

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What Our Members Have To Say
I have gotten SO much out of the network since I’ve become a member: Connecting more broadly and deeply with positively powerful women, speaking at events, learning through the events as an attendee, Member success, spotlight, getting to gift a membership to a young woman (this is so awesome).
I love my squad! The facilitator asked GREAT questions and really helped us all get to the root of our roadblocks. We were all able to help each other because we had different backgrounds and experiences. We plan to keep meeting regularly!
I found Ellevate at a pivotal moment in my career, when I wanted to shift directions but didn’t know how. I attended various events, logged into Jam Sessions and listened to the podcasts regularly. Hearing the stories of so many successful women who had gone through career transitions gave me the strength find my own path and take control of my future.