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Network with Professional Women in Cincinnati

Ellevate is the largest community for women at work. We’re a powerful coalition of ambitious, supportive people making work more fulfilling - both for ourselves and others.

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At Ellevate, we’re redefining networking. We believe that navigating a sea of faceless connections is a waste of time. That’s why at we prioritize real, authentic relationships that can make a difference in your future.

Are you ready to find your people? You need people who you can trust, who understand what you’re going through, and who genuinely want to help you succeed.

At our events, you’ll both have fun and sharpen your skills while building relationships with other smart, nearby professionals.


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Ellevate Cincinnati is not a networking group…it’s a connecting group. Women often assume we’re similar to other well known “women’s networking groups,” but when they come into our circle, they realize it is so much more. Deep friendships are built; we have educational events that help us improve our careers, businesses, and personal lives; and we bring powerful women leaders into our circle to share their journeys and experiences of how they achieved success in a male dominated world. We founded Ellevate Business Connect, a bi-monthly meeting where those who want to grow sales and business can come to get true connections and assistance to reach the resources and prospects they need and not just sell to each other. WE ARE A SISTERHOOD. If you’re looking for a group where you can truly belong and that helps you thrive, please come into our circle and attend a couple of our events as a guest. You’ll learn that the power of this group does not end locally, but extends into our global chapters. As a member of the circle, you’re welcome everywhere.

Ellevate brings a higher caliber of women into your network. They’re go-getters. They’re focused. They’re really strong business women.
I found Ellevate at a pivotal moment in my career, when I wanted to shift directions but didn’t know how. Hearing the stories of so many successful women who had gone through career transitions gave me the strength find my own path and take control of my future.
I love my squad! The facilitator asked GREAT questions and really helped us all get to the root of our roadblocks. We were all able to help each other because we had different backgrounds and experiences. We plan to keep meeting regularly!
I just recently became an Ellevate member and I am loving the quality and depth of conversations that are taking place at Ellevate events. So, thank YOU!

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Mobilize Women Roundtable: Using Your Voice & Standing Out

Join us during MWW for a safe and fun virtual opportunity for go-getters to connect peer-to-peer through casual conversation guided by Ellevate’s Maricella Herrera, and #MobilizeWomen special guests.

  • Online
Mobilize Women Small Business Owners Roundtable: Mobilizing Enterprising Women to Think Big

Join us during MWW for a safe and fun virtual opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners women to connect peer-to-peer through casual guided conversation and #MobilizeWomen special guests.

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Mobilize Women Corporate Execs Roundtable: Leading to Change The Culture of Business

Join us during MWW for a safe, fun virtual opportunity for Executive women to connect peer-to-peer through casual conversation guided by Ellevate CEO, Kristy Wallace and #MobilizeWomen special guests.

  • Online
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