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Three Secrets to Positive Aging (No, Diet & Exercise Are NOT Two of Them)


 1 hour & 30 minutes

Three Secrets to Positive Aging (No, Diet & Exercise Are NOT Two of Them)

“If you’re ever going to live a truly juicy life — one of freedom, passion, creativity, vitality and delight — now is the time.”
Lin Schreiber, Retirement Revolutionary
Remember adolescence (come on it wasn’t that long ago!) and the sea change that occurred? If you thought that was a roller coaster ride, wait until you see what’s coming up in this next life stage. Certainly lots of uncertainty. Not to worry, though. In this entertaining, inspirational, thought-provoking, interactive evening, you’ll…
• Learn a simple way to transform how you experience change.
• Uncover the personal quality you most need to assure a smooth transition
• Realize you already own the best tool ever for navigating change.
• And, discover the astonishing promise that change brings when you’re open to it.
About Lin Schreiber
Lin Schreiber is a Retirement Revolutionary who loves helping self-reliant women reinvent themselves in the next stage of life, formerly known as “retirement.” Lin is featured on the PBS series Boomers: Redefining Life after Fifty, and is the author of The ABC’s of Retiring Retirement. A Professional Certified Coach, Certified Retirement Coach, and founder of Revolutionize Retirement™, Lin combines her contagious enthusiasm, nonstop energy, and passion for her subject to create a fun, dynamic learning environment that energizes and inspires her audiences.
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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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