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Applying the Power of Creativity to Running Your Business and Your Life


 1 hour

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Applying the Power of Creativity to Running Your Business and Your Life

Creativity is an opportunity in every part of your life – from how you construct a project to how you to construct a team, from how you tackle a small budget to how you tackle a big decision.

The power of creativity is that you are going out on a limb. The power of going out on a limb is that it may hold, or it may break. The power of that unknown space is that you are earning knowledge and experience – and at an accelerated rate. Creativity is what happens in that space where you may fail, or you may succeed. 

Join Samantha Razook for this webinar where she'll share how she defines creativity and how she uses it to run her business. She'll drill down quickly to specifics that you can then use every day. From big level inspiration to specific, practical applications, she'll chat about how–to: 

• Fake It 'Til You Make It
• Distinguish Between Concerns and Solutions
• Use Structure to Foster Creativity
• Outsource for Third Party Opinions
• Find People (or Projects) to Push Your Buttons


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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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