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[Virtual Roundtable] Ellevate Chicago's Executive and Innovator Power Lunch

Online • Chicago • May 12, 2020

Network with Executive and Innovator Ellevate Members at this exclusive and intimate virtual lunch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT

What’s FOPO...and how do you overcome it?

Think about a time when you felt anxious - whether it was speaking publicly, stating a different opinion from the consensus, or even walking into a networking event. Why did you feel scared and small? It’s because you were worried about social disapproval.

That’s FOPO: Fear of other people’s opinions. These days, FOPO is more rampant than ever. It makes sense, really...our ancient ancestors were highly subject to the opinions of others. If they didn’t receive that social approval, they’d be kicked out of the tribe and left to fend for themselves against the wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.

We don’t run the risk of being eaten in 2020, but our primitive brains still hold us back in so many ways because of FOPO. FOPO causes us to stray from our authentic selves - our unique talents, qualities and even values - and instead, to conform to what others think of us. And not even what they actually think, but what we think they think.

This fear of criticism or rejection is what keeps us safe...but also small. So we don’t speak up, we don’t stick our necks out, we don’t challenge the status quo, we don’t go for the promotion. Because we’re afraid of what will happen on the other side of the critique.

Join us for a virtual lunch and an energetic discussion around how FOPO can hold you back, and some strategies for moving through it.

We know things come up! If you've registered but can no longer attend, please let us know asap. Power Lunches sell out fast and there's typically a wait list. Thank you! 

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Full Agenda

11:30-11:45 am - Introductions

11:45-12:45 pm - Guided Discussion

12:45-1:00 pm - Closing Remarks / Networking

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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