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Reset, Root, Refocus: A Spring Power Pause


Spring is a natural time to press pause on the outside world. Join Christine Arylo for a webinar on what to focus on in order to feel more rooted within yourself.

Thu, May 7, 2020 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT

Spring is a natural time to press pause on the outside world – to reflect, re-balance and re-focus your energy and resources for the quarter ahead. It’s when wise women leaders take a power pause – for themselves personally and professionally, and for their teams and organizations. You can look at what is happening in the world right now as an invitation for a personal and global power pause. Normally, we are all moving so fast, just trying to keep up, that we don’t have the space to consider if where we are going is where we actually want to go. 

Before you rush into pivoting and figuring out what’s next, go through this three-step power pause, where you:

  • Pause. Get grounded and rooted in the present moment, so you can make wise choices personally and professionally.
  • Pivot. Tap into the possibility of how you could act, move and choose from here – so instead of reacting or creating overwhelm, you create what’s next from conscious intention and direction.
  • Plan. Refocus your energy and resources for the short-term and mid-term so you have what you need to be sustained, and you also continue to achieve your goals, desires
You’ll leave with clarity on what to focus on in the next 6 weeks, and the next quarter. You’ll leave feeling more rooted and clear within yourself. You’ll exhale as you take the pressure off to figure it all out. You’ll leave more connected to your intuitive knowing about how to move through this global transformation in a way that you are sustained, and set up to thrive.

Christine Arylo is a feminine leadership advisor, MBA, best-selling author and internationally recognized transformational teacher, who guides women leaders and change makers to access the power of their deeper, soul-led, heart-fueled wisdom to live and lead their lives, careers and organizations differently - professionally successful + internally empowered + and personally sustainable and satisfying.

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