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Master Your Professional Destiny In the Midst of a Pandemic

Online • April 30, 2020

Discover how to ensure your career survives and thrives in the midst of a health and economic crisis. Crush the anxiety and gain career confidence no matter what's going out there in the world.

Thursday, April 30, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

On this LIVE Webclass with Dr. Grace Lee, you will discover…

  • Proven Principles: how to gain massive personal power by becoming more valuable in the new market that we're in now -- never worry about losing your income again
  • Surefire Strategies: little-known, but highly effective, ways to keep your income production alive in your career or business -- new ways to grow even throughout an impending recession
  • Tested Tactics: become adaptable and resilient in a rapidly changing world with foolproof implementation -- dominate your career with confidence no matter what's going on in your environment

Millions of employees are being laid off or at the risk of losing their income-producing positions. Entrepreneurs are equally experiencing unprecedented losses that put them on the verge of bankruptcy. And parents are thrust into unexpectedly into the role of teachers as schools close.

Not to mention the surge of demands on healthcare worldwide to address the shortages of doctors and nurses using drastic measures.

And this could just be the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a time to embrace empathy and vulnerability. But not in a hopeless way.

It's already hard enough grow a career successfully in good times, let alone in times like these.

It feels like everything you used to worry about is trivial now.

It's normal to be overwhelmed with self-quarantine, business shut-downs, and monitoring friends and family for symptoms.

There's an overarching question in your mind: "How is life going to be after this?"

For some of you, safety and financial stability have been stripped right from under you.

How do we move forward in light of this new reality.... with the evidence that our lives will be drastically different?

It's time to look at what skills you can use to generate income through working online or remotely. We need to do what we can to help our lives continue as normally as possible.

If you are in any of the industries where the rug has been pulled out from under you, reach out. This is all about helping you come up with creative solutions to weather the next couple of weeks/months.

I want to support you. I want you to win, because that’s how I measure myself as an entrepreneur, a coach, and as a global educator.

Hear me as I say, "In the depths of this health and economic crisis, there is ample opportunity to prosper through serving others to your fullest potential."

You are created powerful. You are created with integrity and for integrity.

Remember that you're not alone in this. You have people who love you dearly, who care about you, who need you.

And I am here to help.

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