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4-Day Hormone Reset Challenge

Online • April 14, 2020

Join me on this 4-Day challenge where I’ll be taking you through a series of steps and sharing information to get you started on your journey to wellness and feeling like a million dollars!

Tue, Apr 14 2:00 PM - Fri, Apr 17 2:00 PM BST

Hormones have quite a lot to answer for in relation to our health, especially when there's an imbalance going on. Almost 70% of health related illnesses women experience is as a result of hormone imbalance. Thing is, we don't instinctively think hormones are the issue when we have problems with our health or weight, right? 

Having the right information and tools created a major shift in my life and health for the better. I felt more empowered, energised, happier and grounded, and so have a lot of my clients. And that's why I've put this challenge together for you to embark on, especially now with the additional health crisis we're having to go through.

The Hormone Reset Challenge starts online on Monday 13th April through to Thursday 16th April at 2pm GMT/5pm UAE.

Are you ready for a RESET and to take back control of your health? Then click on the link below to get registered and join in.

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Full Agenda

Here's what we'll focus on through the challenge:

  • Day 1: Eating for hormone balance
  • Day 2: Reduce stress and heal your gut
  • Day 3: Toxins and your environment
  • Day 4: Creating your hormone balance toolkit

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