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Cracking Your Money Code During Covid-19

Online • Cincinnati • May 7, 2020

Understanding Your Money Archetype. Uncover your money archetypes while the patterns may be heightened during COVID19. Dawn Parks, co founder of SheMoolah will be sharing her knowledge with you.

Thursday, May 7, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Covid-19 is shining a spotlight on all the things that are working or
not working in our lives right now--including our relationship to
money. Are you the financial hero and your family can withstand this
storm? Or are you a romantic and hoping it will all turn out okay? Are
you the care-taking type and spending money to make sure your family
feels good about themselves even though you should be saving money?

We all have money patterns that had us prepared (or not) for Covid-19.
The good news is that if you can crack your money "code" or patterns NOW,
you can apply the information and come out of this crazy time
feeling better about your financial situation!

Join Dawn Parks, Co-founder of SheMoolah, to learn about your money
archetype and how you can use this to your advantage during, and
importantly, when we emerge from, Covid-19.

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