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A Successful Woman’s Guide to Marriage & Divorce

Online • New York • May 19, 2020

No one walks down the aisle thinking their marriage will end in divorce. Join us to learn how to protect yourself, before and after the wedding, from financial divorce doom!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT

Marriage is an exciting time in a couple’s life that is filled with celebrations, wedding planning and…tough conversations. While no one walks down the aisle anticipating that their marriage will end in divorce, as successful entrepreneurs and executives, there are several steps women can take to protect themselves from financial doom if divorce becomes a reality.

Matrimonial and family law attorneys Kelly Frawley and Emily Pollock, partners at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, will walk through each stage of a relationship: from financial conversations to have prior to engagement, to securing a prenup, to protecting yourself during – and potentially after – your marriage. And, if you did not have time to negotiate and execute a prenuptial agreement before the wedding, they will discuss the post-wedding day options. What’s more, they will get real about what New York courts really value when it comes to negotiating a divorce.

Specific topics may include:

  • What tough conversations to should have with your partner prior to marriage
  • Why you should speak to a matrimonial and family law attorney before or shortly after engagement
  • What to know about a prenup, including if one is right for you, what prenup negotiations can and cannot entail, when to start the conversation what to consider if you are a business owner or interested in starting a business
  • Why it’s important to understand your financial reality in a marriage
  • Strategies to implement if you would like the courts to view certain assets, like inheritance and pre-marital investments as solely your own
  • How to ensure you remain financially protected in your marriage
  • How women’s non-financial contributions to a marriage can be taken for granted
  • The pendulum swing away from favoring moms in divorce settlements
  • Common misconceptions about custody and alimony calculations
  • An overview of the divorce process from contemplating filing to finalization
  • What is happening in the world of custody and divorce court during this pandemic
  • Why some people may be inclined to abuse the system when they can do so virtually
  • How to protect your parenting rights as an essential worker
  • What to do – if anything – if you are co-parenting with someone who is not social distancing
  • How a recent job loss could impact your custody and spousal support
  • Signs it’s time to modify your custody agreement
  • What to do if you are waiting for your divorce to finalize during the pandemic
  • Whether now is a good time to file divorce and the first steps to take if you chose to do so
  • The future of family court and whether we can expect hearings to remain virtual in the future

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