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The 7 Secrets of Sustainable Sucess

Online • June 1, 2020

Are you ready to live with Confidence, Clarity and CONVICTION? The 7 Secrets is a 7-day LIVE (and free) micro-course designed to help you access (and practice!) the Secrets of Sustainable Success.

Mon, Jun 1 12:00 PM - Sun, Jun 7 12:00 PM CDT

Event hosted by Krista Resnick.
Registration at

We can’t wait any longer for you to lead. We just can’t.

I believe that you are called to be a sacred leader. A woman who is set apart for a very specific purpose and calling. I believe that part of stepping into your leadership means that you must understand how to really in 'alignment with your assignment.'

The world needs your brilliance, your joy, and your ability to serve and impact others.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a lot to say, a lot to teach, a lot to contribute, and a lot to do in this life, and the world can’t wait for one more damn minute.

We can't wait for you to get it perfect, take one more course before you're ready, or make sure that your website has all the bells and whistles.

We can't wait for you to stop being so overwhelmed, to think about it more, and to read one more book on self-doubt.

That is why I'm bringing you The 7 Secrets of Sustainable Success.

This community isn’t for everyone. 💣
💣It’s not for women who say what they want but don’t take action.
💣It’s not for women who are interested but not committed.
💣It’s not for women who want to stay in lack and low-level energy.

💣It's not for women who choose to continually tolerate, allow and blame others for the reality of their life.

It's for powerful, unstoppable, courageous women who have zero time for excuses or B.S. stories. It's for women who are all in. Who are committed to being their truest, most authentic radical badass selves. 

If you’re committed to stepping up as a leader, using your voice, and making an impact in this world, there is NO better way to spend a week than inside this challenge.

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Full Agenda

Here's what you'll receive:

🔥THE 7-DAY LIVE EXPERIENCE with all of the 7 Secrets trainings + practical applications PLUS all the replays.

🔥BONUS VIDEO TRAININGS. Get instant access to our bank of personal development micro-trainings (updated quarterly) on mindset, energy, and leadership.

🔥Q & SLAY'S. An opportunity to ask your question and have a certified professional coach (me-Krista Resnick) actually answer them.

🔥PRIVATE COMMUNITY of incredible, like-minded female leaders who are ready and committed to their next evolution.
🔥A SAFE SPACE to grow within that’s open, unconditionally supportive, non-judgmental, fun, and high-energy...
And so much more!

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