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Be the Leader People Crave: Act with Clarity, Focus & Empathy


People are absolutely craving strong leadership and direction; will you answer the call?

Mon, Jun 8 1:00 PM - Thu, Jul 2 1:00 PM CDT

What’s required of leaders during this moment of exceptional uncertainty?

Being a transformative leader is about holding a vision for something different in the world. It comes with unique challenges to our attention, our way of being in the world, and our connections with one another.

While you can’t erase the uncertainty your organization and people are facing, you do have the power to respond to their challenges with intention, integrity and honesty.

Meeting the challenges ahead will require a re-invention of old ways of doing business, of working together, and the cultivation of a new kind of leader.

In other words, it starts with you.

And, you happen to be perfectly positioned to create and offer something that can shift culture and help build new futures.

Do You Find Yourself

  • Unclear about your next right leadership steps given the complexity of everything
  • Concerned about how to answer all the questions that you don’t have answers to
  • Struggling to navigate distress about the state of the economy & whether it will lead to layoffs, lost revenue or bankruptcy
  • Troubled, thinking that what you’re doing isn’t enough or doesn’t matter
  • Questioning the ways that you’ve been leading & communicating, & what needs to shift
  • Wanting the opportunity to find out what other leaders (outside your organization) are doing in their businesses, what’s worked and what to avoid
  • Worrying about the physical & mental health impacts on your people & what you’ll do about it

Remember, there is a way forward when we come together to envision different realities and solutions, give them roots and put them into action in sustainable, impactful and nourishing ways. We can train for these times.

The way forward may not be easy, yet the resilience we build together will flatten our own curve.

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Full Agenda

Course Schedule

The course will run for 4 consecutive weeks starting on June 8th - July 2, 2020

We’ll meet twice each week—Monday & Thursday--for 60 minutes on Zoom at 1 p.m. CST.

On Mondays I’ll present material, which you can access that Sunday before. You'll then apply the teachings over the next few days. On Thursday’s call, you'll have the opportunity to bring it all to together, ask questions and receive live coaching.

What's Covered

Leverage Your Attention - Week 1

  • Identify Costly Distractions to Your & Your Business
  • Bust Your Multitasking Habit & Why it’s a Bad Idea
  • Train Your Brain to Transform Stress
  • Make Top-Notch, Value-Based Decisions

Manage Your Energy - Week 2

  • Harness Your Body’s Energy for Greatest Impact
  • Why a Clear Purpose & Core Values Need to Drive Your Actions
  • Prioritize Your Opportunities & Adapt Your Resources Seamlessly

Deepen Your Core Presence - Week 3

  • The Most Overlooked Skill of Remarkable leaders – Embodied Listening
  • You Are What You Say: The Conversation IS the Relationship
  • Flip the Dreaded Drama Triangle & Empower Your People

Communicate To Engage & Inspire - Week 4

  • 3 Vital Questions essential to Ditching the Drama Triangle
  • Craft Conversations for Action & Possibility
  • Create Your Be The Leader–a Conscious Leadership Map

What's Included

You’ll receive all of the following for Be The Leader People Crave

  • 4 hours of instruction & 4 hours of group coaching throughout the course

  • Online platform to access materials - videos, files, audio

  • Bonus #1: Relax at Work, audio file

  • Bonus #2: Be the Leader, daily planner

  • Bonus #3: 45-minute 1:1 Core Presence Coaching Call with me anytime during the course

  • $497 for Introductory Pilot (valued at $997). For this price I’m asking you to participate wholeheartedly, complete a survey & follow up interview to assist in making the course even stronger

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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Community Discussion
Chris L. Johnson, PsyD

We need strong leadership today, for sure. Are you ready to become The Leader that People Crave today?

June 2, 2020