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Connecting the Dots: A virtual space creating opportunities for listening, learning, action, and connection in the spirit of social justice spurred by #BLM


Perhaps like many of you, I felt impelled to do something. Join us in this weekly virtual space creating opportunities for listening, learning, action, & connection in the spirit of social justice.

Fri, Jun 5, 2020 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Our nation is in pain. There’s hurt, frustration, anger, fear -- and there’s a desire to drive progress. Recent conversations about finding a way to “be the change” motivated us to craft a virtual space to advance this dialogue and to open it up to interested people far and wide, particularly at a time of social isolation and societal outrage when we need connection and collaboration more than ever.

In the creation of this space, we confess that we are neither professional social justice advocates nor purveyors of any specific agenda. What we seek is to explore how we can work in support of the Black Lives Matter movement by dismantling the racism, bias, and the systems of oppression that have permeated our society. We are attempting to hold space for such dialogue and to gain clarity on what action steps to take next, and we expect to learn a great deal ourselves.

Every week, we shall seek to facilitate opportunities for listening, learning, action, and connection. The partners we invite to curate these experiences range from social justice advocates, academics, activists, to artists. With the help of participants like you, we hope to have constructive dialogue that promotes progress. To do that, we recognize our need to acknowledge and reflect upon the positions of privilege we hold in these systems, to lean in with humility and an openness to grow, and to commit to specific steps to take in our personal and professional environments to “be the change.”

This week’s spotlight is Healing, Action, and Hope. Our intention is for you to experience new perspectives, arrive at insights, share your voices, and receive upliftment. Our big picture intention is for each participant to take away a greater appreciation of social justice so that connecting the dots is more clear and inspires constructive action.

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