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2020 Mid-Year Goals Check-in


 2 hours

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2020 Mid-Year Goals Check-in

We're already half way through the year and so much has happened since the last coaching circle we all didn't expect. We're living and navigating a "new normal". 

The pandemic may have had a huge impact on the goals you set to achieve at the beginning of the year and you may now be at the point where you're reassessing those goals or looking to create new ones, and what better way to do that than with the guidance and accountability from our Ellevate tribe of professional women!

The purpose of this event to give you space to reflect on your aspirations for the second half of the year and walk away with clearly articulated goals in one area of your life. 

As we are all virtual for now, the event will be run on Zoom with breakout rooms for each coaching topic, each led by a qualified coach who is also an Ellevate member. The coaches will facilitate a group coaching exercise. Please note, this will not be personal 1on1 coaching.

You can choose which breakout room to join, based on your key focus area for the second half of 2020. Register for you preferred topic here - max 10 people per topic.

Session: Financial Wellness coaching session

Coach: Sedef Gunsur

The objective is to follow up on the investments of the attendees, (if they started to invest or not, if yes, in what, if no, what held them back). I would like to give an update of the markets in the last six months, given the extreme volatility. During the session, I also want to focus on our relationship with money and money blockages. You will walk away with getting an update from January session and with discovering your relationship with money. 


Session: Managing Career Transitions

Coaching: Ashley Boots

The objective of the session is to better understand your desired career transition and provide clarity on next steps.

During this session, we will reflect and complete exercises to identify your specific goal, understand the current reality including possible obstacles, and determine paths forward.

You will walk away with a defined action plan, clear milestones and a renewed commitment towards your future.


Session: Accelerate your Career

Coach: Barbara Stickland

The objective of the session is to explore in more depth what drives you career aspirations.

During this session, we will delve into your internal and external motivations as well as map the gap in your required promotion readiness.

At the end of the evening you will walk with an action plan on how to take your career to the next level in 2020.


Session: Setting Goals for Your Business

Coach: Bina Mathews

The objective of this session is.... To follow up on the goals set in the 1st session and see how far we've progressed; to identify the who needs that are blocking us from growth. 

During this session, we will / you will.... Break down the ego needs and identify which ones are blocking us, we will then let them go.

You will walk away with.... Clarity on how far you are from your goal, and what you need to look out for now that you are aware of the ego needs that used to prevent your growth, so you have a clearer path to success in the 2nd half of the year.


Session: Personal growth

Coach: Desi Jagger

The objective of the session is to set a clear goal for your personal growth in the second half of 2020.

During the session, we will use guided visualisation, written reflection and discussion to close out the first half of 2020 with gratitude, let go of your old self and step into the person you want to become in the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

You will walk away with a clear goal and a simple tool to help you track progress.


Session: Managing your health and well-being

Coach: Gloria Halim

The objective of this session is to gain clarity on what your health goals are and how to achieve them with ease and the right information as we all step back into the world.

During the session we will go through exercises to outline your goals, understand why focusing on what you feed your body emotionally, physically and mentally especially in these times we're living in, is essential, and learn about the tools to help you achieve the healing and optimum health your body needs.

You’ll walk away with a personal self-care plan to help you get stronger and healthier for the rest of the year and beyond!


Session: Cultivating positive relationships

Coach: Kat Winny

The objective of this session is to have an open and honest conversation about how the changes this year have affected you personally and your relationships.

Feel lighter, less anxious and not alone about how you are feeling, as well as knowing how you can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others, and find new levels of intimacy amongst change.

You will walk away feeling less anxious, relaxed and with a new appreciation and understanding of your relationship with yourself and with others. 


Session: Work-life balance: managing the overwhelm

Coach: Sneh Asnani

The objective of this session is to identify sources of overwhelm when trying to work and live in a single space.

During this session, we will talk about the ‘new normal’ in a working from home culture and learn to recognize the stresses that accompany juggling multiple roles in one environment. We will spend time identifying what you can do to create space for yourself and for everything that is important in your day.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to manage your schedules along with some tools to focus on how to stay productive in an uncertain circumstance.


You can choose which table to join, based on your key focus area for the rest of 2020. Please register for you preferred topic here.

Register for you preferred topic here - max 10 people per topic.

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