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Virtual Speed Networking (Dallas Chapter)

Online • Dallas

One great thing about our new normal virtual based lives? We actually get to meet everyone at the networking event! Join us for a fun round of virtual speed networking.

Wed, Jul 1, 2020 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT

Virtual speed networking: the one-off conversation replacement

Why do we go to networking events? To meet people. Sure, we love to hear a speaker’s presentation because the topic may apply directly to our lives. But we really go to meet people, either people we already know or don’t know. Meeting new people is exciting, but in live meetings, getting to know people better happens in one-off conversations between two or three people. They may huddle in a corner or in the hall, or sit together as a group to hear a speaker. They may meet while getting a drink or snack or during check-in. They may have a conversation when entering or leaving. But in the end, networking events are about people.

For this session, we are going to replicate those one-off conversations that happen at live events on Zoom by using breakout rooms. To do this in a more orderly way, we’re going to do speed networking. It’s like speed dating, where you talking to someone new, one-on-one, for 5-10 minutes. We figure it’s a different way to meet new and old faces in a virtual space. Business hasn’t stopped with everything going on, so why should your networking? Join us to virtually meet new people by the drinks and snacks, in the hallway, next to you during a session.

Zoom link will be sent to you 2 hours before event.

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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