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Summer of Love: A Wine Tasting for the Entrepreneur

Online • June 25, 2020

Join the Los Angeles chapter of Women for WineSense to celebrate the first week of Summer with a flight of three amazing wines from the Boisset Collection.

Thursday, June 25, 2020 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT

Join the Los Angeles chapter of Women for WineSense, a national organization committed to offering outstanding educational programs, mentoring and networking to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals, to celebrate the first week of Summer with a flight of three amazing wines from the Boisset Collection presented by the energetic and exciting MiShawn Williams, an entrepreneur who has recently achieved the title of Managing Director of the Boisset Collection Independent Ambassador Program.

While we sip three distinct styles of wine perfect for summer, a dry French Rosé, a rich Sonoma Chardonnay and a decadently sweet sparkling red, I will lead us on a lively, educational and delicious tasting with an emphasis on pairings with summer cuisine and featuring expert-level insights and a beautiful visual presentation.

In addition, she will talk about her journey into the wine business, finding a true connection with the wines of Jean-Charles Boisset and how, through this opportunity, now with her organization of over 400 wine lovers and brand ambassadors, she discovered a passion for helping others express their love for wine and achieve their goals through the business of wine.

Wine Details + Pre-Purchase this special Summer of Love wine trio.

$60 +tax +$10 shipping .... includes a $20 credit given to you for a future purchase.

*although the purchase of wine is not required, it is highly recommended to taste along and best discern aroma, taste and food pairing.

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