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Create a Vision Board to Visualize Your Goals


 1 hour

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Create a Vision Board to Visualize Your Goals

A vision board is a visualization tool - usually a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. In this fun 90-minute event, you’ll create a vision board that aligns with one of your key goals. Denise Senter, who has used vision boards to help her achieve goals like running a marathon and launching a technology company, will guide you through the process of creating both paper and digital vision boards. Then, she’ll show you how to use your board in a visualization exercise that can be incorporated into your ongoing goal review process.

By visualizing your goals and dreams on a regular basis, you’ll activate your subconscious creativity and program your brain to notice available resources that can help you achieve the things you want in your life.

What you’ll need for this event:

Note: The exercise of creating a vision board on paper or poster board can help spark your imagination and create a physical connection to your goals. If paper isn’t your thing, we’ll also demonstrate how to create your board using PowerPoint.

Physical Vision Board

●Posterboard or large format paper (11x17 or 18 x 24 recommended, but any size will work)

●Pictures that represent the experiences, feelings, and possessions that align with your goal (these can be photographs, drawings, cutouts from magazines or newspapers, images printed from online resources)

●Quotes, sayings, or other inspirational words (these can be printed or handwritten)

●Colorful markers

●Glue stick

Digital Vision Board

●PowerPoint or Keynote on your computer

●Digital snipping tool

●Links to or downloads of quotes, images, or videos that align with your goal

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Community Discussion
Denise Senter
Denise Senter

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July 15, 2020

Melody Garrett
Melody Garrett

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Create a Vision Board to Visualize Your Goals event. As a vision board enthusiast, I am quite aware that pictures are the language of the subconscious mind. During the event, I learned that I can add language to my images to not only affirm myself through my journey of achieving my goals, but that I can use that language to fully embody what I want with clarity and meaning in terms of my goal setting. What a wonderful event. Denise Senter was AWESOME!

July 16, 2020