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Resilience: A Webinar on How to Adapt, Grow, and Thrive

Online • August 13, 2020

Learn how to meet the demands of these challenging times with sustainable resilience and renewed vision for a better world, with Dr. Sandra Lewis, clinical psychologist and Personal Energy Strategist.

Thursday, August 13, 2020 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT

By now, you may have completely revamped your 2020 plans. A global health pandemic and the ongoing racism pandemic have rearranged daily life and motivated us to re-examine what we value.

Life is asking more of us than we may have ever imagined. We’re feeling it in the tension in our bodies and the distraction in our minds. Our emotions have been a roller coaster ride with peaks of fear, frustration, anger, confusion, grief, and exhaustion.

How do you respond to unimaginable, unpredictable, and uncertain circumstances so that you thrive through the challenges? You take time to strengthen and renew your resilience.

Join this webinar to explore evidence-based resilience, happiness, and well-being strategies to:

  • reset your nervous system and re-energize your body
  • recover from mental fatigue and emotional overload and
  • strengthen your ability to adapt and grow through adversity

Revitalize your inner resources. Thrive as we transform our lives and our world.


Dr. Sandra Lewis is a clinical psychologist and Personal Energy Strategist for high-achieving women who want to sustain their well-being and avoid burnout while growing their career. She teaches women an evidence-based formula for transforming limiting beliefs, emotional and behavioral patterns into sustainable purpose-driven success, leadership and fulfillment.

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