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How to Build your Financial A-Team with Jenn Uhen, The Pledgettes

Online • Boulder • September 23, 2020

Join us September 23rd for an exciting panel conversation lead by the incredible Jenn Uhen, who will coach us on key tips for surrounding yourself with financial experts to form your financial A-team.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM MDT

Is there really such a thing as the self-made man (or woman)? We know all successful people have a great network of mentors, cheerleaders, supportive partners and friends, teachers, and more. Being financially successful is no different. What would it look like to intentionally grow your Financial A-Team like you have grown your professional network?

Join us Wednesday, September 23rd as we host a stellar financial planner including Jenn Uhen of The Pledgettes, Amber Alfano of ABD Tax Accounting, and Emily Lucero of Harbor Wealth Management for an exciting discussion about how to surround yourself with strong financial minds to enable the best outcomes for yourself and your family. 

During this panel discussion, we’ll talk about:

  • Who should be on your Financial A-Team and how to build out your Financial A-Team? 
  • What are questions you should ask when interviewing a Financial Advisor or a bank? 
  • What are the red flags that to send you running from the people that don’t belong on your Financial A-Team?
  • Where you are in getting your financial advice? 
  • Who’s on your high-five tribe ready to celebrate achieving a financial goal?
  • Who are professionals that can help you achieve your goals? 

More details coming soon. Reserve your spot today! 

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