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From Passion to Action: Growing Your Leadership on Nonprofit Boards


This February, start the path to finding a true match for your social passions by exploring non-profit board membership. Hosted by our Ellevate Los Angeles chapter.

Wed, Feb 10, 2021 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM PST

Why serve on a nonprofit board? There are so many benefits - both for the individual and for the organization - to serving on a nonprofit board. It is an opportunity to share your passion(s), grow your leadership, and use your professional skills to support causes meaningful to you.

Hosted by Ellevate Los Angeles in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Leadership, we will demystify the nonprofit board experience, hearing from women who do and have served on non-profit boards as well as individuals who help recruit or match board members to organizations. Come hear about types of nonprofit boards, expectations of board members, and what it’s really like to put your passion to action at as a nonprofit board member.

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Full Agenda

5:00    Welcome!

5:05    Understanding the Current Landscape of Non-profit Board Leadership, Hannah Berger

5:20    Panel of Non-Profit Board Members

5:45    Audience Q&A

5:55    Ways to Take Action, Dena Johnson

6:10    Closing and Thank Yous

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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