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A Different Way to Succeed: Envision, Plan & Focus on What Matters Most

Online • January 12, 2021

What if instead of striving to do it all in 2021, you could tap your intuition to discern what to focus? In this session, you’ll gain wisdom to create the reality of sustainable success.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST

What if you gave yourself permission to do things differently in 2021? To make some changes that may stretch you to think and act differently, but ultimately empower you to make better choices for how you design your life, work, organization and relationships?

In this interactive session, join us and feminine leadership adviser Christine Arylo to shift your perspective around setting up the year ahead, so the reality you create leads to sustainable success. You’ll leave with more insight and clarity on how to set yourself up to:

  • Stay both focused on what matters + fluid to meet what comes – so as the world shifts throughout the year, you stay centered and clear.
  • Pace vs. push yourself, your projects and other people’s expectations – so you put the right amount of energy and time to projects, people and dreams.
  • Create a whole life that sustains and nourishes you – so you have space for yourself and what nurtures you, personally and professionally vs. getting sucked into the swirl of immediate needs.

Ellevate Seattle is thrilled to be partnering with Christine Arylo in offering this virtual program for women looking for insight and practical tools they can use to stay centered while achieving their goals and preventing burnout. Please keep posted for a five-month series that will follow! 

If you are an entrepreneur, this workshop will help you to identify how best to balance the many hats you wear of strategist, manager, marketer, producer, etc. to thrive in your business. If you are a career-changer, this can help you sort through what you must focus on to make the shift you desire.

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Change happens when you find the courage to take your first step. Our program is a space for professionals to find the confidence they need to make a lasting career change. Whether you’re switching industries, leaving an unfulfilling job, going back to school, or returning to the workforce, you’ll learn from peers and experts who will help you make your vision a reality.

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Full Agenda

  • 5:00: Chapter Welcome
  • 5:05: Workshop Intro & Opening Meditation
  • 5:15: Workshop
  • 6:45: Overwhelmed and Over It Series Intro and Chapter/HQ Announcements

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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