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Ellevate Boulder's Press Play Series: We Leaned In... Now What?


 1 hour

Online • Closed Captioned • 

Ellevate Boulder's Press Play Series: We Leaned In... Now What?

It has been nearly 10 years since the ‘Lean-In’ era blew up and we are poised to have a follow up discussion on where this idea started, where it stands, and how it might evolve going forward. We will start by listening to the creator Sheryl Sandberg talk about what she learned in the early days of the Lean-In era. Then, we will break into groups and have our own discussion on the impacts and changes we have seen in our own lives as it relates to the ideas behind ‘leaning in’.

Links to March's "So We Leaned In... Now What?" TedTalk by Sheryl Sandberg

Press Play Series Instructions:

  • Listen to the session's content before or during the event. We'll provide content ahead of time - you're welcome to consume before the event if you'd like. We'll set aside the first 30 minutes of the session to listen/watch if you haven't had the opportunity yet. We encourage you to put your headphones in and consume the content while on the move - head out for a quick walk, move around your house or office. We want you to feel energized and unstuck as we "press play" together.
  • Content will be accessible via common content platforms (Youtube, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.)
  • Join us for discussion after you've consumed the content. We'll meet back up for the second half of the hour to discuss the content we've just consumed together. A session organizer will kickoff the conversation with a few questions and we'll go from there! 

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Full Agenda

12:00-12:05- Brief intro and tech check

12:05-12:25 - Listening to podcast -

12:25-12:50 - Break out chat groups (multiple different groupings)

12:50-12:55 - Quick group share

12:55-1:00 - Wrap up and share upcoming events 

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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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