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Entrepreneur Workshop: Open to Receive with Selina Maitreya


Burnout occurs when we experience more low frequency than we open to high-frequency energy. Join us for a guided meditation incorporating the background and practice of receiving energy and love.

Thu, Mar 18, 2021 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Be open to receive.

Burnout occurs when we experience more low frequency than we open to high-frequency energy. Low frequency is stress, toxic work or home situations, too little sleep, etc. High Frequency is rest, relaxing, exercise, good food, good people, going to quiet giving, and receiving love. In this session, Selina will provide the background and practice to experience receiving the energy of love through guided mediation.

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Community Discussion
Selina maitreya

Hi Everyone, Grateful to Simone and excited to share with you information and inspiration around a topic that affects us all BURNOUT. Whether its home, business ,health, financial or covid issues, we all experience low frequency. Im coming prepared with a teaching for you and a practice to share that will shift your state quickly an repeatedly! A question for you...Im curious..what aspect of your life is the toughest for you now? Please feel free to visit my website where there is a volume of information for you : See you soon! Selina

February 22, 2021