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2021: Rethink Goal-Setting to Pursue Your Purpose

Online • Washington, D.C.

Learn a NEW way to approach your goals and planning.

Wed, Feb 10, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST

After a year like 2020, goal-setting and planning might feel pointless.

But, let’s be honest: Prior to 2020, was your approach to goal-setting and planning really working for you?

Is this you?

You’ve been to goal-setting workshops before. You get it. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals and commit to a plan. But something’s still missing.

You’re drowning under a never-ending to-do list.

You procrastinate and keep putting off what you say you want.

You resent having rigid structure, but flail aimlessly without any planning systems in place.

You struggle with clarity and articulating what it is you truly want to achieve.

Don’t worry, you’re not broken. In fact, this is perfectly normal. The traditional ways you’ve been taught to think about goal-setting are outdated and only touch the surface of what you really need to thrive!

This interactive online workshop is going to teach you a NEW way to approach your goals and planning. Instead of rigid SMART goals, you are going to learn how let your inner voice guide you, along with how to create the right planning structures to support you, so that you can build the career or business, and life you know you’re truly meant for in 2021.

In this session, you will:

Understand how to create simple goal-setting and planning systems that are aligned to who you are, so that you don’t feel restricted, and work smarter, not harder.

Get crystal clear on your ‘why’ and how to use this to guide your direction, so that you can decide what you want, and how to best move forward to achieve it.

Overcome procrastination and other self-sabotaging habits that might be holding you back, so that you follow through on what you say you want to do.

Learn how to cultivate and use your intuition in goal-setting and planning, so that you are less anxious and stressed, and more productive and confident in your everyday life.

We promise that this is NOT another zoom webinar because we’ve all had enough of those, right? This session will instead focus on facilitating meaningful conversation and connection, with breakout rooms and interactive exercises, while also giving you tips, tools, and tricks that you can later apply to your life following our time together! At least one ‘aha’ moment guaranteed.

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Kristy Wallace

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Community Discussion
Christa Davis

Hi ladies! I'm so excited to see you all for tonight's event! I refuse to deliver a boring zoom webinar ;) so please come prepared to participate in our session with your video on (if you can), and bring your questions, ideas and perspective for what will be a fun and interactive evening. This is YOUR time. Get comfortable, minimize distractions, and give yourself the gift of presence. Can't wait to see you tonight!

February 10, 2021