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Dismantling Social Constructs (Mobilize Women Week Opening Session)


Ellevate's annual Mobilize Women headline event where you’ll hear and participate in thought-provoking discussions from diverse perspectives and leave with action-oriented solutions.

Mon, Jun 21, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM EDT

Gender roles, racial labels, beauty standards, the definition of family….these and many other concepts because humans agree that they exist.

The good thing about social constructs is that they can change and evolve over time, and we believe there are a few of these that are outdated and need to be completely rethought.

Let's kick-off Mobilize Women Week with open and honest conversations that will:

  • Challenge your perspectives on disability, gender, beauty standards and intersectionality.
  • Help you understand the nuances of the gender spectrum so you can better communicate, motivate and relate with your colleagues.
  • Remind yourself that you - and each of your colleagues - are valued and worthy and deserve to show up as you are.

More on our Speakers for Dismantling Social Constructs

Leah Vernon, model, author, influencer, hijabi model, and activist for body positivity. She wrote a book called Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim. Leah reminds us that we are so many different layers. Our image, our race, our identity, our religion are all part of the package. They make us who we are. Leah is a role model because she encourages you to be yourself. She reminds us that we are not invisible, that we are worthy.

“There are so many Muslims hiding their sexualities right now in fear of being shunned. So many closeted Jews and Christians. I want you to know that this month and every month is for you to become the truest version of yourself. This is a safe space. In whatever form you come.”

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft, has a big title in a big company, but her work spans so much more. After discovering a blood clot in her leg on her way to an accessibility conference, she made the most out of the experience and decided to name her blood clot "Gerry." Jenny is also deaf, and hid her severe hearing loss until she was about 30; she didn’t want it to define her. "Gerry" was much more public than her deafness. Jenny is on a mission to build a more inclusive world, one where our differences make us stronger. She believes that people with disabilities must be involved in product design and that there are so many, many things we can do better. Jenny ignited change at MSFT and brought accessibility from an afterthought to the forefront in product design and development.

Lisa Kenney, CEO at Reimagine Gender, works with corporations, NGOs, legislators, and policymakers to shape how gender is seen and understood, to broaden the understanding of gender away from the traditional binary concept that equates it to sex. We're so excited to have Lisa as one of our incredible speakers for Mobilize Women. 

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Full Agenda

Mobilize Women Week includes 8 main stage sessions with over 20 amazing speakers, interactive workshops, intimate Roundtables, immersive Mentoring Meetups, and even a VIP party!

This past year, there’s been a spotlight on the many flaws within our society.

While it’s no secret that the world has never been fair, the pandemic showed how broken our healthcare, economic and justice systems really are.

It’s time to re-evaluate priorities, re-imagine and re-build a new equitable world.

At Mobilize Women Week, your perspectives will be challenged at one of our daily feature sessions. At Roundtables, Mentoring Meetups, and Workshops throughout the week, you’ll find a safe space to process what you heard among your peers in at least one of our five programs.

We deserve a better world, and we can make it a reality - together.

Full agenda and speakers announced soon.

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