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Webinar: The Eye of the Storm - Navigating Your Business Through COVID Year Two


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Webinar: The Eye of the Storm - Navigating Your Business Through COVID Year Two

Twelve months ago, the world came to a complete standstill as the pandemic caused communities, businesses and schools to shut down, at least for some period of time. There was great panic, fear and worry for good reason. Lives and livelihoods hung in the balance as we lost our bearings. Ultimately, many businesses, jobs and lives have been lost.

Simultaneously, however, new opportunities appeared for many companies across the country. Entrepreneurship, ingenuity and perseverance has in many ways prevailed despite the undue added hardship. In fact, new companies have been formed at phenomenal rate. In Q2 and Q3 2020 alone, roughly 750,000 more new business formations were recorded than during the same period in 2019.

Join us to learn the factors that will make 2021 a better year in your business and, if you’re one of the newly formed companies, raise your odds of getting off on the right foot, including:

  • Four critical success factors for getting COVID-Year 2 started on the right foot 
  • The most valuable feedback loop for any business owner 
  • How a focus on profitability alone can back-fire 
  • What balance means for a healthy entrepreneur


Martha Sullivan brings years of experience in growing and strengthening privately held businesses to the table. Blending top management (CFO and COO) roles in industry with public accounting and consulting stints over the years, Martha now dedicates her time to helping business owners buy/create, build and sell their companies in such a way that helps them achieve their personal, financial and professional goals. She founded Provenance Hill Consulting, LLC, a boutique consulting firm aimed to help businesses thrive, grow and build value, in 2020. Martha holds credentials in accounting, valuation, value growth, mergers & acquisitions and exit planning.

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Angela DeWree
Angela DeWree

Hi -- Missed your program today { a business program I am enrolled overlapped this time slot } Hoping your program will be available to view soon - great & timely topic!

Tuesday, Apr 20 4:01 PM EDT