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Workshop: 3 Ways to Full-Spectrum Female Leadership


Learn how to follow your quest to create a purposeful life that will bring forth the extraordinary feminine power that has been shoved aside. As you do, your work - and you - will thrive.

Tue, Apr 13, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

As an executive female leader today, you may often feel disconnected and discontent. And while everything “looks” perfect, in the quest to attain everything you hope and dream for, parts of yourself have been shed and abandoned. Without knowing it, in an effort to be what you thinks you need to be, or what others have told you you must be, who you really are has been lost in that pursuit.

What makes you uniquely special, and ultimately truly qualified to lead and serve others, has been sacrificed.

We invite you to tune into this 1-hour workshop to dive deep and begin the journey to connect to your deepest self. To explore the path to full-spectrum leadership and living for the modern executive woman, we'll take time to discuss and dig into what is needed to live the life you most desire and yearn for. Expect discussion, break-out sessions, and time for reflection for renewed awareness.

Learn how to follow your quest to create a purposeful life that will bring forth the extraordinary feminine power that has been shoved aside. As you do, your work - and you - will thrive.


Rachel Tenenbaum is a NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC, PCC, CPCC), speaker and facilitator, who fosters institutional growth and development of mission-driven and people-driven organizations. Published in Forbes, Thrive Global, and other syndications, Rachel speaks, facilitates, and coaches leaders on subjects related to The Brain, Leadership Development, and Mindfulness. A contributor to Insight Timer, the international and highly regarded meditation platform, Rachel is known for her ability to infuse her vast knowledge and experience into accessible, perceptive, and powerful meditations.

Angela Migliaccio is an Executive and Leadership Certified Coach and Trainer, a mother, and an active supporter of women in the workplace. With over 20 years of experience as a Corporate Manager, Business Leader, Mentor, Facilitator, and Coach, Angela Migliaccio has acquired the experience of a global leader across 2 Continents. With the personal experience of a compassionate and caring leader, a wit for science, and the drive for business strategy, Angela finds true satisfaction in bringing humanity into leadership and leadership into humanity. 

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