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Workshop: Using Your Energy to Tap Into Your True Potential


Join us for an interactive workshop with Rose Littlejohn to understand energy, become aware of yours, and learn how to shift yourself to the highest level, so you can perform and lead at your peak.

Thu, Apr 8, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

As professionals, we all strive for optimal performance and the ability to be at our best each day, whether at work, with our family & friends or while pursuing a new opportunity. 

Mastering energy is synonymous with mastering life. By understanding energy, being aware of yours, and knowing how to shift yourself to the highest level, you capitalize on your true current potential and perform and lead at your peak. 

Your core energy is where your energy is focused at any given time, and it has a tremendous influence on your performance as a leader, and indeed, in all aspects of life. Think of core as “total” energy available to you in the moment. It’s the “core” of what drives performance. 

Join us for an interactive workshop with Rose LIttlejohn, to learn more about your core energy, and to discuss:

  • Understanding all aspects of energy and how it impacts your leadership and performance. 
  • Increasing your energy to achieve optimal results. 
  • Creating a mastery mindset that attracts success.


Dr. Rose Littlejohn is an executive coach specializing in leadership and well-being. She received her doctorate of organization leadership from the University of Phoenix and has twenty-five years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in Business Services, Corporate Security & Risk, and Administrative Services working for several Fortune 500 Companies. In addition, Rose serves on the Girl Scouts of USA board and is passionate about leadership development and the advancement of women.

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