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Workshop: Unpack Your "Working Why" And Create Congruent Career-Life Choices


​Discovering your “working why” can radically change the course of your career (and life) for the better. We all feel more alive and aligned when what we do expresses what matters most.

Tue, May 11, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Discovering your “working why” can radically change the course of your career (and life) for the better. We all feel more alive and aligned when what we do expresses what matters most. And once you have that clarity, you can hold on to it tight as you build forward.

Not only will your “doing” be more motivated, but crucially, knowing why you’re doing the thing you do means setbacks won’t set you back. Because when we know our “working why,” we become unstoppable in the best possible, purpose-driven way!

This workshop hosted by Helen Hanison is designed to start exploring your life’s purpose using the exact tools and exercises she developed for her 1:1 clients.

You will:

  • Learn how to create a career compass giving you the career clarity you crave
  • Meet the driving force behind why the work you want to do will be fulfilling
  • Get a worksheet to discover your why and make a meaningfulness manifesto
  • Leave with the best excuse to get yourself a present!

Please prepare beforehand by grappling with these hard-to-grasp thoughts. Click here to get a (free) interactive questionnaire Helen created to help clients move through this nearly out-of-reach thinking for themselves. Then we’ll go deeper when we’re together during the workshop.


Helen is a Leadership Coach helping seasoned professionals who are at a career crossroads, needing to realign work they love with what matters most, but have got stuck in a cycle of trying. With Helens’ thought-partnership, they create a concrete plan to finally make aligned, confident transformation happen instead.

Helen supports a roster of 1:1 clients and is soon launching an online course called Careering, on Purpose. She offers a number of (complimentary) clarity conversations to find out more about your situation and explore which brand of Helens’ help will be right fit for you. You can apply for a time to talk together here. She is always happy to connect on LinkedIn too.

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