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Story Cooking with Grace Young (Mobilize Women Week)


Join us for a special Mobilize Women Week cooking event in support and celebration of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Thu, Jun 24, 2021 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM EDT

Listening and learning builds a stronger community.

Join us for a special Mobilize Women Week event in support and celebration of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Grace Young, dubbed the“Stir-Fry Guru” by The New York Times and award-winning author will demystify the art of stir-frying as she shares her powerful story.

Grace will cover the essentials for stir-frying and lead us through a follow-along demonstration of cooking fried rice in two ways: Aromatic vegetarian fried Rice or fried rice with roasted meat. She will also discuss the work that she’s been doing to support and preserve Manhattan’s Chinatown, how we can help, and take your questions about her life, career, and allyship.

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More on Grace Young

Dubbed as the "Stir-Fry Guru" by the New York Times, Grace Young is an award-winning cookbook author, culinary historian, and filmmaker. Most recently Grace has become the nation’s most prominent voice in a campaign to support struggling businesses in Chinatown, which have suffered from the effects of the pandemic not only on the economy but also due to xenophobia and misinformation.

“I hope that everyone shows solidarity in speaking out against Asian hate, but on top of that, the best way to combat hate is with love,” Young concludes.“And we’ve got to shower all these businesses with as much love as possible. We have to show up for them now.”

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Full Agenda

This past year, there’s been a spotlight on the many flaws within our society. While it’s no secret that the world has never been fair, the pandemic showed how broken our healthcare, economic and justice systems really are. 

It’s time to re-evaluate priorities, re-imagine and re-build a new equitable world.

At Mobilize Women Week, your perspectives will be challenged at one of our daily feature sessions. At Roundtables, Mentoring Meetups, and Workshops throughout the week, you’ll find a safe space to process what you heard among your peers in at least one of our five programs. 

We deserve a better world, and we can make it a reality - together.

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