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Workshop: Mentoring 2.0: How mentoring has evolved and what it means for you

Online • Pittsburgh

Mentoring has changed a lot over the years, for both mentors and mentees. This virtual workshop will provide tips for getting (and giving) the most out of being a mentor or mentee.

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Having a good mentor can be a valuable experience for any woman. Having a great mentor AND being a great mentee are even more valuable! But what does that look like? How has mentoring evolved over the years, and how can mentors and mentees leverage those changes to improve their relationships and outcomes?

In this virtual workshop, Fariha Chaudry, Senior Director and Global Platform Leader at Eli Lilly, will walk us through how mentorship has changed over the years. Plus, she’ll provide mentors and mentee with “Top 5 Tips” for how to embrace and succeed in their respective roles.

If you’re wondering if this program is for you, it is! Whether you’re just starting your career and wanting to understand how to identify and work with a mentor, or you’re transitioning to a more senior role and want to pay forward the mentorship you’ve received over the years, or you’re an executive looking to hone your mentoring skills to benefit, this workshop will provide you with the skills and guidance you need. You might even find a new mentor or mentee at the event!

Tips for getting the most out of this event:

  • Try to be somewhere quiet that fosters good focus.
  • Visible communication and engagement makes it easier and more enjoyable for all of us. Please join with video, if at all possible.
  • Share what’s going on in your world and/or something relevant to the topic or your peers:
    • A problem or challenge you’re facing;
    • An idea or solution for someone else;
    • A practice, story, or funny anecdote that might help others; or
    • A resource that has helped you (a great book, a poignant podcast, a practical strategy).
  • Reach out to other members before the event to introduce yourself.
  • Continue member connections and conversations after the event.

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Full Agenda

  • intro
  • programming from Fariha
  • Q+A

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