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Purpose fuels growth. How to find your purpose for the growth that you imagine?

Online • NC Triangle

Play the role of investors while speaker, Sravani Minupuri, pitches two business ideas to highlight what makes an irresistible pitch and share strategies on how to drive your vision.

Thu, Oct 7, 2021 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT

Do you remember the first Statement of purpose that you wrote for the college admission?

What was it about? Changing the world after graduation or flying to the moon or even a bigger purpose. At that stage our only purpose is to get the admission for which the SOP served well. And we came a long way, accomplished quite a bit.

Now we are in a very different world. Pandemic has redefined us and our values. So it's the perfect time to do a tiny exercise & re/create the purpose statement that drives our personal, professional and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Ready? I will show you how a purpose is continuously fueling the growth of a famous brand since World War I. And then tell you a framework to create a statement that defines your core purpose. The framework is robust and can be applied to draft the purpose for self, career or a passion project. In the end you get to witness a purpose driven mission and evaluate its success.

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