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Becoming a More Effective Communicator - Why Listening & Questioning Matter

Online • Fairfield | Westchester

Communication is at the core of relationship building. It is crucial for all successes in life. Join us in for this interactive webinar where we will learn how to strengthen our communication muscles!

Tue, Oct 5, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Communication is at the core of relationship building. It is crucial for all successes in life.

Whether you are an employee needing to interact or collaborate with colleagues in physical or virtual environments or are self-employed and regularly need to talk about you work with prospective clients or on social media, your ability to self-promote, network and convey your viewpoints and ideas requires clarity of thoughts and concise yet adaptive communication.

Effective communication requires that we communicate for the right intent, listen more than we talk, and ask questions to understand, connect and build trust. Yet, our natural tendency at times might be to let our assumptions, biases, stereotypes or judgment lead our conversations, creating unnecessary conflict or misunderstanding.

This session will help participants understand:

  • Why listening is a top communication ability and the barriers that often get in the way.
  • How skillful questioning can help avoid awkward and offensive moments, especially during our current social atmosphere
  • The importance of cultural competencies in our communication in the current global environment

In our increasingly multicultural and complex environment, adapting our approaches across differences has been ever more important and a crucial 21st Century skill to develop.

Session Format: this session will include an opportunity to participate in a breakout session. Please turn on your camera for full participation.

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