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Ellevating 2021: Resilient Career & Lifestyle Planning


 1 hour & 30 minutes

Online • Closed Captioned • 

Ellevating 2021: Resilient Career & Lifestyle Planning

Join us for a session on navigating your career, relationship and personal goals with Fortune 500 speaker, writer and coach Heather Coros.

*Heather’s events have sold out for the past 3 years, hop on now to reserve your seat

Using the 4 Rs to resilience in an engaged, group, co-creation process, you will learn to:

  • Find clarity on how to design your next evolution
  • Determine which people, projects, and practices will best support you
  • Uncover the roadblocks that could hinder your desired outcomes
  • Design action, based on the new wisdom, to support your evolution with grace

After the quietude of shelter-in-place, and even with the Delta variant popping up, the world is opening up and we are finding ourselves facing an opportunity of re-integrating a more active lifestyle.

The benefits and wisdom of repose are many and some of us may be feeling a bit daunted, or like we are heading back to something that no longer serves us, because these times have given us new insight on lifestyle preferences and desires for what's now possible.

So, the question is, how do we begin to sculpt our new lives, at this auspicious moment, and create the life we desire, instead of going back to the old ways?

Together, using the tool of perspective advantage, and all the wisdom each of us has uncovered in the past year, hard though it may have felt at times, we will take a good look at what the last year has shown us, what that means for our future and how to stay mindful along the way.

Ellevate yourself - network, be inspired, and have fun!

We're excited to see you there! 

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Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

Former CEO at Ellevate Network

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

VP of Product and Technology at Ellevate Network

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