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POD Club: Defying Expectations


 45 minutes

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POD Club: Defying Expectations

What motivates and/or enables YOU to defy expectations? What would it mean to defy your self-expectations and the expectations others place on you?  This month for POD Club, let’s learn more about how we can defy expectations - of ourselves or others.

Here are a few podcast episodes to get started:

  • The On Her Shoulders podcast has an episode with the title of “Defying Expectations” which is what got me thinking about this topic. Both the steps taken by the guest, Brooke Goggans, and the purpose/structure of Con Mi Madre are interesting to think about in terms of breaking expectations. Listen to it here.
  • This is a short one which is more intellectual. It made me think about the areas I disagree with the speaker as much as things I agree with, so I’m curious how others hear it. David Neagle gives his view on breaking through the obstacles which cause us to quit on the Successful Mind podcast, episode 396.

"Ordinary people" defying expectations, practices or opportunities that allow us to go beyond what we thought was possible, perhaps even the myths and constraints of expectations themselves.  

There are whole podcasts dedicated to raising these types of stories in multiple episodes. Do you have a favorite? I’ve recently started exploring Extraordinary Women Radio and the Sisterhood of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Looking forward to sharing the stories we each need to hear to inspire our next steps.

Note: In consideration of busy schedules, we aim to end by 8:45 to give a break before your next meeting.

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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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